The Bauer Family, 2013.

There are certain people in your life that take friendship to another, incredibly special place. Graham and Hannah (and their puppies too! :)) do just that for Michael and I. “Aunt Hannah” and “Uncle Graham” (as Liam calls them!) were in our wedding, have known us for years and are obviously very important to us. When Hannah asked me to take a few shots of them and their pups for a Christmas card this past year, I don’t know if I was more excited to photograph them or to get together! Ha! (Plus, they are a gorgeous couple, am I right?!) Now, we all live in MD and I am soooo loving being able to see them much more frequently than when we lived in PA. Graham and Hannah, you two have blessed us beyond words. We are so thankful and appreciative of your sweet friendship and look forward to many more years of shenanigans. :)

Love you both!!!

Hannah & Graham-2033

Hannah, you are so gorgeous!! I love how Graham looks at you. :)

Hannah & Graham-2050 Hannah & Graham-2067 Hannah & Graham-2150

Sweet little Callie pup!

Hannah & Graham-2026 Hannah & Graham-2121

These are some of my most favorite of you all!

Hannah & Graham-2098 Hannah & Graham-2113

Ahhhh! Gorgeous, you two!!Hannah & Graham-2171

Hannah & Graham-2246

How about this Quincy boy?! What a doll!

Hannah & Graham-1984 Hannah & Graham-2214Hannah & Graham-2224

Such a fun and beautiful family. :)

Hannah & Graham-2252

LOVE. You two are an example in love and wonderful friendship. So blessed to know you both!



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