Lucy is One!

Ohhhh, little Lucy!!! How can you be a year old already?! I remember your tiny little hands and feet…just a few days old and so small! Now, you are a silly, giggly, sweet little lady!! Lucy brought her big brother Cooper and Momma (Kim! :)) for a visit at the end of January. They are sweet, sweet friends from Lancaster and it brought me such joy when they made the trip down to see us! I have been photographing Lucy since she was just a baby bump (Literally! Kim was such a gorgeous preggo! :)) and have loved watching her grow. As you can see below, she loves her dolls, reading books and smiling at her Momma (who was the one who elicited such sweet grins!)!

Love you, Randolph family!!! So grateful for your amazing friendship and miss you tons! xoxo

Lucy is One-6226

Such a CUTIE!!!

Lucy is One-6152 Lucy is One-6164 Lucy is One-6167

Sweet, toothy smiles…

Lucy is One-6173 Lucy is One-6157

Babydoll kisses!

Lucy is One-6125 Lucy is One-6184-2

She loved this book almost as much as her toys! A little bookworm already!

Lucy is One-6222

The signature Randolph Chucks! LOVE the pink!!!

Lucy is One-6212 Lucy is One-6252

Standing and getting around so well! Of course, I adore that grin. :)

Thanks for sharing this little love with me!! I can’t get enough!



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