Macro Challenge.

A few months ago, I found myself in a bit of a photography “rut”. I love taking pictures of my children (one the most special and important things I can do for them!), but I felt a pull to branch out and take images for me. Of course, I find my children the most wonderful of subjects, but I wanted my work to become more diverse and to develop skill in a variety of mediums. This, would not only challenge me as an artist, but also provide my clients with an expanded area of expertise to better serve their needs. Soooo, I finally took the plunge and purchased a macro lens. This “new glass” (as we photogs. like to call it) has opened up a new world to me. Not only do I find myself challenged, but it has proven to be a fun and creative outlet that has taught me much about photography’s most technical aspects. Honestly, macro photography could be an entirely independent photography genre (can I call it a “genre”?! :)) and I have found many amazing photographers that specialize in just that! Don’t get me wrong. I have a lot to learn. But the more macro images I take, the more I appreciate the beauty found in the everyday, especially what we may overlook in its tiny size or simplicity. Below are a few of my first images with the new lens. I look forward to sharing my growth in this area in the coming months, years, etc. and hearing what your favorites are and if you have any favorites of your own to share! :)


The above pictures were the first I took!

(Also, are what I feel like sums up my life right now…a sweet elephant toy and my favorite strand of pearls. Who says Momma’s can’t wear pretty things?! :))

Begonia -8489

I attended a luncheon at our new church this past weekend and was given these amazing flowers from the centerpieces. (I think it may be a Begonia?!) A beautiful subject, indeed!

Begonia -8511-2 Aloe-8530

My trusty aloe. Can you tell I love photographing pretty plants?! I find their delicate, tiny construction the perfect medium for practice!


Of course, sweet bits of the littlest Neumann. :)

Have a fabulous week, thanks for reading!!!



4 thoughts on “Macro Challenge.

  1. I love this concept, and these first images are amazing. My favorites of the ones here are the black and white rose and your girlie’s lips….so precious. Can’t wait to see your growth in this.

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