Olivia Grace, 4 Months Old.

What?! 4 months?! I cannot imagine our lives without this sweet tiny soul. You are the most easy-going, chubby, doll-faced little love, Olivia Grace! This month you are:

* Smiling and giggling, mainly at your Daddy and Big Brother!

* Grabbing and chewing on blankets.

* Still sleeping at least 10 hour stretches! Amazing!

* Your eyes are turning a pretty gray/hazel.

* Big grins and lots of chatting.

* Love to be held and in the center of activity and any excitement. (I’m holding you as I type this!)

*Are starting to love your tummy time, you are so strong and active!

*Rarely lie flat on your back unless sleeping. (Even when I change your diaper your shoulders and head are lifted up so you can see what is going on around you. Heaven forbid you miss something! :))

O-9030-3 O-8987 O-8973 O-9087 O-9165 O-9122

Love you, sweet girl!

Happy Tuesday, all!



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