The Johnson & Foster Families.

As I get older and, and as a rule, are more busy, I truly appreciate the time we spend as a family. We also place a greater importance on spending meaningful time with our extended families! The Johnson and Foster families did just that this last fall and I feel so lucky to have spent a few hours with everyone! :) They threw this amazing “Jamboree” (Heather, that one was for you. :)) of a weekend and invited my (then) preggo self and wild, almost-two-year-old to join in the festivities. We were only too happy to oblige! As the name (Jamboree!!!) should tell you, the long weekend was full of flag football, cute kiddos, family meals, and lots of quality time together. Oh, and as you will see, everyone is absolutely stunning and make for some of my favorite (and most lovely!) family portraits…ever!!! Each one of you is a joy and I am so grateful to have been able to meet and spend such a fun time with you all! xoxo!


Johnson Family-0681

Such a lovely group, inside and out!

The Johnson Family-0983

The ladies (and handsome husbands too!!)!

JJ & Mel-0840

JJ and Mel are close friends of my husband (and now, of me as well! :)) from their college days and I think they are just so fabulous together. (Perfect is more like it!) Here, they had just shared that they were expecting their own little one! (Little Lincoln was born this past week and trust me, he is beyond adorable. I know they will be just the most amazing parents.)

Mel & JJ-0793 The Johnson Family-1015

These two are so sweet and close! I loved seeing them celebrate their families together.

Foster Family-0709 The Foster Family-1167

Can you believe these two have 3 kiddos?! Amazing and so wonderful together!

The Foster Family-1114

Eeeeeee! Cutest!!!

The Foster Family-0951

The Johnson and Foster men…

The Johnson Family-0968

…and lovely ladies!

Foster Family-0746

More couple loveliness!!! Such a beautiful family!

The Johnson Family-1037

These Grandbabies are the loves of their Grandparent’s lives. (If you haven’t noticed…:))

Varela Family-0912

Johnson family! I love these of you all!

Varela Family-0868

Heather and Joey have also been incredibly special friends to my hubby (again, college friends!!) and to myself. They have Mr. Mason and may just be one of our favorite families of all time. :)

The Varela Family-1105

Do little boys get more spectacular?! The Varela Family-1143

It doesn’t get better than these two. LOVE! :)



5 thoughts on “The Johnson & Foster Families.

  1. You did a great job on the pictures! I love all the different poses… Kids sometimes can be hard to get to sit still, look at the camera and smile… But the pictures turned out great!

  2. Gorgeous – could be in a Ralph Lauren portfolio. You truly have such a God-given gift, Mary. Many blessings.

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