Engagement Session How-To’s: Location.

All of you newly engaged couples, hey there! :) CONGRATULATIONS! This is one of the most exciting and special time of your lives, enjoy and soak in every second. I am starting a little series to help guide your (photography) decision-making process during your engagement! This segment, location, location, location! Where we have the engagement session is an expression of you as a couple, as well as a strategic decision, meant to provide the best light and scenery. This ensures the best possible images, as well as those that truly reflect your unique relationship! Don’t get me wrong, not all engagement sessions have to have glorious sunlight to be lovely or have to be incredibly meaningful to you both. There is beauty to be found all around and it is my job to capture that (and you! :)). Here are some helpful hints in choosing an engagement (or family, anniversary, etc.!) session location that truly fits you! As always, I am here to chat and discuss locations with all of my clients. In fact, one of my favorite parts of this process is hearing where you would like to have your sessions taken and why. Getting to know my couples (and families!) is one of the best aspects of my job. :)R&M-7791


As you may notice, my style is one of airy, soft images, with romantic, gentle backlighting. This is a result of shooting in open locations during the first or last hours of daylight. Be sure to discuss this with me (or your photographer) and we can schedule our time together to achieve just that! (Truth be told, I rarely, if ever, hold sessions outside of those two “magic hours” of daylight. :)) Malory and Ryan wanted a bit of a classic, but natural setting for their engagement pictures, full of sunny, soft light. We made that happen at one of my favorite orchards and the resulting images are some of my all-time favorites.

R&M-8012 Dawn & Mike-2-21

Personal Style.

As a photographer, my job is to work with my clients to achieve images that reflect who they are. An image can be beautiful, but if it is of a couple in the middle of a city when they both were born and raised on farms, it does little to capture them. Choose a location that reflects your personal style, whether it be way of dressing, favorite locations, where you first met, etc.!  Dawn and Mike are so adorably preppy and fresh, that this dock was the perfect place for us to spend time together. They look as if they could hop on a boat and sail into the sunset! :)

Dawn & Mike-2898 Megan & Matt-1505

Special Locations.

Where do you love to go for date night? What are your favorite places to visit together? Which places do you wish to remember fondly for years to come? Answer these and you may already have a location picked out! :) Hobbies are a huge part of a couple’s relationship and I love preserving them in pictures! Megan and Matt frequently play cards and sip chocolate milk and tea at a favorite coffee shop, peruse records at a vintage record store and picnic on the property where they will be married.  These two are relaxed and happy in their favorite places, which shines right through the lens!

Megan & Matt-1607 Megan & Matt-1786

I hope that this provides at least a starting point for you in selecting the perfect session location! :) Remember, I am here to help navigate such choices from the very beginning and LOVE to do so. Congratulations again, I cannot wait to hear your story!



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