FAQ’s: Gear.

I have been asked a few of the same questions lately and thought I would talk about them today, because, well, I LOVE to talk photography! :) The first, “What was your first equipment?” and the second, “What is your go-to, everyday gear?”. I know that all photographers start out using and shooting with MANY different types of equipment, lens combinations, etc., each one working to develop your own unique photographic style and voice. Today, I will share what got me started and why I have chosen what I currently use on a daily basis! :) While I use a variety of lenses at sessions and on wedding days, these are my favorite basics. Ok, here goes!


What I began with.

A Canon EOS Rebel T3i., 50 mm f1.4 lens. This was a great starter camera and what I would highly recommend to anyone exploring the field of photography, as well as a wonderful combination for those that want to take really nice pictures of your family, etc.! The camera itself has a cropped sensor, so the 50mm isn’t a “true” 50, but it allows you to get that lower aperture (f1.4), which was fabulous for me!! Though rarely used anymore, I treasure this little guy…it was a gift from my husband and where my journey began! I am so grateful for his encouragement and support. :)


What I use now (everyday edition).

For my everyday shooting, this is my third child. :) I stuck with Canon (am extremely brand loyal! :)), as well as the 50mm focal length in lens. I upgraded the camera body to an EOS 5D Markii (full frame sensor) and the lens to an L series 50mm f1.2. This lens is ahhhhhhmazing, and you will have to pry it out of my cold, dead fingers someday. :) I rarely take it off at home, and is one of my go-to’s for my sessions and on wedding days.

*Note: these 50 mm lenses are fixed, as in they do not zoom! I do that with my feet! Most of the time, fixed lenses provide a lower aperture and a quality of image I prefer over many zoom lenses I have worked with. Again, this is just me, and what fits my style. Experiment to see which camera body/lens combination best suits you and your photography goals and unique eye.



It can be tough to “switch” up  and challenge myself when shooting with the same lens and camera. While I can always swap my 50mm lens out, I have found that a little film camera and my iPhone are also great alternatives!!! I don’t always have my big camera with me, and we all know that special moments happen when we least expect them! :) This makes the iPhone my other go-to. Plus, it makes it so easy to upload and share! I have loved growing my business and interacting with clients on Instagram and Facebook. The film camera (Canon AE-1) has been really great for me…learning what types and speeds of film I like, black & white vs. color, etc.! (See some of my first rolls, here and here!) Film is where photography began, so it has been a fun challenge learning how to create art using that medium.


I hope this provides a solid answer to these questions and that I have inspired you to look into equipment that will promote your vision and style. (Remember, even the most basic cell phone camera can capture beautiful, meaningful images!!) As always, I would love to hear about your favorite equipment and why!! :)

Have a great day!!




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