Ella is ONE!

Sweet Baby Ella and her parents are incredibly special to me. I first photographed this little lady as a tiny (miracle baby!) premie, just a few days old. She is now a chatty, running little girl with the sweetest pigtails I’ve ever seen! This job of mine has brought some incredibly special people into my life and this family is no exception. I always look forward to our time together, knowing that they are not only clients, but lovely friends. Sweet Ella will grow up knowing how very much she is loved and I feel so lucky to have been chosen to capture her first year with us all! :) Caiazzo family, I adore you! Thank you for such wonderful times together and I cannot wait to see you all soon! xoxo!

Ella is ONE-2400 Ella is ONE-2377 Ella is ONE-2501

Little pip! :)

Ella is ONE-2411 Ella is ONE-2414Ella is ONE-2711

I just adore these ladies. :)

Ella is ONE-2599

Look at those eyes! What a gorgeous girl!

Ella is ONE-2505 Ella is ONE-2674

Daddy snuggles! Russ, she is in love with you!

Ella is ONE-2575

I can’t imagine what “adventures” she will take on next, but I know my camera will be ready! :)



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