A Birthday Giveaway!

Today is the day! My birthday! How fun is that?! Birthdays are big in our house and while, of course, it is fun being the one honored that day, it is almost more fun to celebrate someone you care about even more! These days, I look forward to my family’s birthday’s almost as much as I look forward to my own. SO, because you, my lovely blog readers, do not have a collective birthday, I will share mine! :) I know that this business is what it is today because each and every one of you takes the time to read my posts, visit my site, and of course, view my pictures.

So, to thank you, I am doing a little giveaway! If you don’t know my style, then these “Last Snowdrop Earrings” from Anthropologie probably do a great job of summarizing it!  A little bit of sparkle, classically vintage styling, but still subtle and downright pretty. Plus, I would wear the entire Anthro. store if I could (as if that were possible :)). I wear these almost every day, and am excited to share a pair with one of you!

SO! To enter, comment below with your favorite birthday memory, and/or share this image on Instagram (take a screenshot and post from your account), and tag from my account @maryneumannphotography, with the hashtag #may23rdbabiesunite. (Giveaway ends midnight, 5/24/14)


Thanks so much for supporting this photography dream of mine!



17 thoughts on “A Birthday Giveaway!

  1. Every year birthdays seem to get better! But as a kid, I always loved having my birthday party at the bowling alley — pizza, games, bowling, and of course — a personalized bowling pin! haha

  2. My 30th birthday..surprise get together with family and friends.. And we announced we were expecting our little girl! It was an unforgettable evening!

  3. My favorite memory of my birthday, May 17th, was this years birthday. Turning 27 have me such bad anxiety but waking up with my 4 children in my bed was the best present I could have asked for as well as the reminder that age is only a number.

  4. For my 8th birthday my parents surprised me with getting my ear pierced! I’ll always remember it and figured it was appropriate for the give away ;) happy birthday to you!

  5. My 20th birthday. Matt and I have just gotten engaged earlier that month and he took me to the beach for my birthday. For the first time I could feel like what it would be like to be married to my best friend. He even did the old fashion photo booth with me which was a bucket list item :)

  6. Mary you’re the cutest!!! My favorite birthday memory is grilling steaks with my dad every year growing up- I’m a late April baby so it was always the first time we busted out the grill for my favorite food!!

  7. Hands down, my favorite birthday was when I was dating my now hubby. He took me to the Franklin Institute to see the Bodies Exhibit (yup that’s the nurse nerd in me)😊! Happy birthday, Mary!!!!!!!

  8. Wow, these are beautiful! My favorite birthday memory. Hmmm, there’s so many, but when I turned 10 I had a tea party and my mom made petit fours, which I was super excited about.

  9. Hooray for BIRTHDAYS… I was awakened at 4 AM on my 40th Bday (May 8) and handed airplane tickets … to Bermuda!!! We had to leave the house by 7:30am … I was in my closet in 30 sec :-) The Honey had worked out extensive child care schedules and all the details. That was an awesome Bday surprise!!! I hope I win so we can be twins and I’ll look just as pretty as you, Mary! Happiest birthday yet to you :-). XOXOXO

  10. One of my favorite birthday memories was when we had an orphan from Ukraine staying with us for the summer and we celebrated her birthday. We decorated the house from top to bottom in true Stocksdale birthday style. She did not speak English, but when she woke up and saw all the decorations, her presents, and her cake we kept hearing her say “oh, oh, ohhhhhh vow, vow, vow” over and over again! Vow= WOW! She had never celebrated a birthday and could not believe her eyes and that a family that knew her so little would celebrate her special life and the day God brought her into this world.

  11. My fave childhood bday was when I was ? age, but I had friends over to celebrate, a strawberry shortcake cake and received my first set of Pom poms!

    My fave bday as an adult was when I turned 30 (just last year😉), had catered food, my 6 closest friends at that time and their spouses to celebrate w me, one of whom made my bday cake masterfully shaped as a 3D pumpkin (my bday is in Oct). All 6 of those amazing ladies wrote something about me and our friendship and surprised me by sharing it that evening and giving me a very special scrapbook w pictures of them in it along w a place to keep their letters. I, of course, have it still and cherish it greatly.

    Happy bday, Mary!!!
    Hope it’s one of your favorite.

  12. “My fav birthday…. Always the next one… Why live in the past!”
    From Pa Neumann who is looking forward to his 93rd birthday this July 23. Praying he has many more “next ones”!!

  13. One of my favorite birthday memories was from last year! My then boyfriend (fiancée as of two weeks ago!!!) and I went with 4 other friends to an upscale hotel party where we ate good food, drank enough to feel awesome, and danced the night away. Then I got to kiss him at midnight when the ball dropped, because my birthday is December 31’st. It was an awesome night!!!

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