Giveaway Winner and Our Holiday Weekend!

As I sit here typing, I am not even CLOSE to being embarrassed that I am also enjoying a slice of birthday cake…for breakfast. No shame. None. In fact, I wish I had enough to share with all of you! :) Thank you all SO incredibly much for taking the time to share your favorite birthday stories with me!! I had a wonderful day and felt incredibly loved by family and friends. As always, I am grateful for yet another lovely year!

Now onto the announcement you have all been waiting for, the winner of the Anthropologie earrings!! Jessica Maher, who entered on Instagram will take them home! I hope you love these little beauties, Jess!

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 7.36.55 AM

Thanks again, to all of you that entered! xo

Now to share a few moments of our Memorial Day holiday! I am loving watching our little man grow and learn. His excitement for life is infectious and makes all things special and fun. If only I could capture (and use!) some of that incredible energy!!! Ha! I hope you all had relaxing days with the ones you love, remembering those that made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Memorial Day-4901

Our kiddos are incredibly blessed to have not one, but THREE Great-Grandparents! This is Pa, Michael’s Grandfather. He is almost 93, served as a B-17 fighter pilot in WWII and is such a hero and wonderful man! We honored him yesterday, Memorial Day. He is full of memories and history (family and otherwise) that we treasure! (Of course, how can you not notice that gorgeous pile of LOBSTER!!! How delicious is that?! A feast for the ages, no doubt about it!)

Memorial Day-4976

On a walk with Pops (his Grandfather), Dad, and Pa, Liam brought home a turtle friend! Here, he was trying to feed the little guy some lettuce. Memorial Day-4959

Learning with DeDe!

Memorial Day-5004 Memorial Day-5009

High-fives from Pops (and a tired Loki pup).

Memorial Day-5011

How amazing is this sweet moment?! So grateful that this little boy is getting to know his Great-Grandfather!

Happy week, everyone!!



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