Mr. & Mrs. Strunk.

Disclaimer: This wedding post is a bit different from my others! This time, I was not the lead photographer, but lucky enough to assist my amazingly talented friend, Sarah Beth (check out her site here and Facebook page here!!)!! It is such an amazing experience to work with Sarah, and I treasure her as a talented professional as well as a very special friend. Fellow photogs. out there: find friends that are also photographers (with similar goals and styles!) and grow together. Have a support system and work with each other! There is nothing to lose and much to be gained from forming, sweet, productive relationships. Trust me, my time with this lovely lady blessed me beyond words! Plus, as a bonus, I get to share just a few favorite snippets from the day!

Erin and Ezra tied the knot two weekends ago and their day was one of the loveliest I’ve seen. The weather was perfection, their family and friends surrounded them with never-ceasing love and joy, and their desire to start their lives together surpassed it all! Plus, their 50’s theme was ADORABLE. Thank you so much for allowing me to assist you, Sarah Beth and to the lovely couple, allowing me to be a part of this amazing day!!!


Such a timeless couple!

E&E-1976 E&E-1997

…and then the sun came out. (You all know how I feel about that!! :))

E&E-1854 E&E-1957 E&E-1904 E&E-2001 E&E-2182 E&E-2154

This is Erin’s brother, and he was just sitting outside the hall as we headed out for more portraits. I couldn’t help but snap these images of him…he dashingly fits right into their 50’s theme for the day!


A quick and FUN outfit change for the reception…




Have a fabulous weekend!!



One thought on “Mr. & Mrs. Strunk.

  1. Mary! You’re incredible. Just the best working with you- every single one of your images is timeless and so full of beauty. So inspired by your work and can’t wait to shoot together again sweet friend!

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