To Michael.

Today is Michael’s birthday. While I won’t share his age (let’s just say he is approaching a milestone!! ;)), I wish to honor him in today’s post, so forgive the lovey-dovey content to follow. After all, I share love stories all the time, why not share about my very own?! Woot woot! :) This August, we will celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. The number seems small to me compared to what we have taken on and accomplished, as a team (two kids, two homes, two states, new jobs, the list goes on and on!). This past fall, Michael approached me with the idea of moving from our home in Pennsylvania to pursue a career down in Maryland. To many, this seemed like an unusual decision, as we has barely been in Lancaster 2 years, had wonderful friends, were members of an amazing church, etc.. However, I knew and understood his motivations…he desired to pursue a career and life that looked a bit different. I believe that his decision to look into relocation and a new career track was incredibly difficult and wildly brave. It takes guts to put yourself out there, look for new positions and push yourself to new (stressful!) lengths professionally in order to achieve your goals. When you have a family and have to think of their best interest as well, the pressure ups exponentially! This past year, he has gone to those lengths to follow a calling and I am so proud of him for doing so. We have found the path to MD paved with God’s Grace and provision and know that our trust in Him will always be justified. No one more than Michael, has reminded me of this during some of the trying times we experienced. I am so excited to watch him move onward and upward and am so grateful we chose each other 4 summers ago. :)

A few weeks ago, we had an Anniversary Session with the amazingly talented Abby of Abby Grace Photography. She captured images that so perfectly epitomize our relationship…treasures for us to have for years to come. (More of these coming soon! :))

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Is he handsome or what?! This is going in a frame on my desk ASAP. :) I love that smile. Lovelovelove it.

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Real life is stressful. It’s hard and not always a blast. However, Michael has a way of bringing joy to the everyday and I love to laugh with him.

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A few times a week, in the midst of crazy dinnertime stresses (all you Momma’s out there, can I get an “Amen!” :)), he will grab my hand and make me slow dance with him in midst of it all. It reminds me of what is truly important, and plus, what girl wouldn’t like to dance with a handsome fellow like this one?!

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There is not a day that has passed, that I have not felt loved. I know how precious that kind of care is and I am so blessed by you, M.!

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This guy has supported my photography dream, me as a Momma, and is the most spectacular father.  He is patient, kind, Godly, fun, and adventurous. He pushes in when things are hard and perseveres.  He is thoughtful, amazing at anything “numbers”, handsome, and more athletic than I can ever hope to be. :)

Here’s to many more sweet moments and birthdays spent together. I am so proud of you and so honored to stand beside you as we follow our dreams.

I loved having a chance to brag about you a bit! Happy Birthday!!



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