Anniversary Session with Abby Grace Photography.

I had been counting the days to this session. So often I am behind a camera, capturing other’s love stories, (the best job in the world!), but that warm May evening, I was beyond excited to be celebrating my own!! :) We packed coordinating outfits and headed to Annapolis to meet up with one of the most talented people I have ever met…Abby of Abby Grace Photography! While our anniversary isn’t until August, we decided to have our session sooner than later because…well, who likes to wait?! :) Many have asked if this was in honor of a “major” anniversary (5 or 10 years), but in fact it will just be 4 for us! So why have this now? Though 4 years is just a drop in the bucket compared to the time we look forward to sharing together, it has compromised some of the most challenging and wonderful moments any couple faces. Two moves, two children, new jobs, and lots of FUN. To celebrate this wild ride, I reached out to Abby due to her (obviously!!) gorgeous work and because she, as an artist AND wife, appreciates and bestows a great deal of importance to her Anniversary Sessions.

To sum it up, a quote from Abby herself:

“I love weddings. I really, really do. But your love grows so much, gets stronger, and becomes even more beautiful AFTER the wedding day, the first day of the rest of your lives. That’s why I think I love photographing anniversaries even more: it’s the celebration of how far you’ve come since Day 1.”

Her love for these sessions came through as she so gorgeously captured how we feel for each other. A truly talented photographer makes you feel comfortable and completely focused on the one you love during your session, and Abby did just that. It had been months since we had a few hours alone to just enjoy each other and this time (and Abby’s talent) was a great gift. For us, those 4 years have brought us closer. I have a deeper and more loving understanding of Michael because of the challenges and important decisions we face together. We have experienced the beauty of our growing family and have seen each other at our most flattering moments and our most humbled. That kind of intimacy only grows with the days that pass, and these images celebrate it all!

I would encourage all married couples to consider an anniversary session. Just because you have children (I know I had a hard time thinking about images that weren’t of our entire family!) or it has been years since your wedding, does not mean that lovely images to capture your love is unnecessary. I look forward to having these pictures framed in our home to show our kiddos that while we adore them with every ounce of our being, we value our relationship as well.

Thank you so very much, Abby!! You have provided us with these treasures to be passed down for generations to come!! Be sure to visit this lovely photographer at her website, blog, and Facebook page! Trust me when I say, SHE IS AMAZING.

Below are a few of our favorites (who am I kidding, I had soooo much trouble narrowing it down to just these haha!), be sure to see the entire post on Abby’s blog, here. xo


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You may notice that these images are a bit different from the typical, digital ones almost always seen. This is because Abby is not only talented in the realm of digital photography, but in film as well, which is what was used for the majority of our session! I love the colors, softness and timeless beauty film provides which is why we asked her to use that medium, and I LOVE IT.

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3 thoughts on “Anniversary Session with Abby Grace Photography.

  1. Mary, I’m tempted to screen-cap all of the text from this post and look at it every day. This is exACTLY why I love photographing anniversary sessions so much!! Thank you, thank you again for asking me to be the one to capture you and Michael, it was such a blessing to me!


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