Foodie Friday: Strawberry Freezer Jam.

Last weekend, my sweet sister-in-law and niece visited us in Maryland and brought along some amazingly fresh (hand picked by them!) Lancaster County Strawberries. While I was tempted to just devour the entire quart myself, I remembered how special a batch of freezer jam was to me as a child and decided to continue the tradition! Needless to say I haven’t looked back……yummmmm-o!!! :) This version of preserves does not require traditional (and more time-consuming) canning techniques and my two year old had a great time helping to mash the berries. I hope you enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!!! xo


So far, this luscious spread has made it onto toast with butter, over french toast, and is a new favorite in PB&J!


Strawberry Freezer Jam. 

*Note: you may use less sugar (we did!), but it will result in a more “runny” consistency!*

Happy Eating!!

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