Mr. & Mrs. Miller! | A Lancaster Wedding.

The sun rose that June morning, in clear skies and to a gentle breeze…the day had come! Megan and Matthew, after months of dreaming and planning, were finally going to be husband and wife! From the moment we arrived at the church, our time was filled with nothing but joy and joyful people. Both families were beyond excited to be gaining a daughter or son and my face still hurts from the constant smiling. :) The relatives and friends surrounding these two were a constant source of love and care, and it was obvious to all in attendance what this couple means to them all. Megan and Matthew are not only physically beautiful, but spiritually as well, and place great value on their relationship with the Lord as well as with those they love. Megan is a faithful young woman, whose beautiful smile and effervescent personality light up any room. Her love of life is contagious and I feel so lucky to have gotten to share in this exciting time with her! Matthew is hardworking, responsible, humble and loves Megan with every ounce of his being. His desire to care for her is straight out of a Nicholas Sparks book, so ladies, be jealous. :) These traits are some of the most valuable building blocks in marriage and I know they will continue to be a pillar in their community, serving,  caring, and being a wonderful embodiment of Christ’s love!

Megan and Matthew, I adore you both! Thank you for the chance to capture this stunning day!




Pastel petals and pops of color made the day oh, so much sweeter.

M&M-6123M&M-6220 M&M-6093 M&M-6367

Megan’s bridesmaids were nothing but LOVELINESS to work with. They adore her as much as she does them and it doesn’t hurt that they are all stunning! :)

M&M-6376 M&M-6440 M&M-6187 M&M-6716

Matthew’s groomsmen go beyond friends and brothers, but solid, Godly relationships (full of integrity!) that will grow as the years pass.

M&M-6642 M&M-2-16

Plus, they too, were a ton of fun. :)

M&M-6684 M&M-2-30 M&M-6479M&M-7317 M&M-6535


A moment of prayer for both before they walk down the isle.

M&M-7173 M&M-6564


M&M-7091 M&M-2-24 M&M-7106 M&M-7371 M&M-7385 M&M-7417 M&M-7470 M&M-7449 M&M-7434 M&M-7593 M&M-7604 M&M-7615M&M-7623 M&M-7513M&M-2-28 M&M-7321 M&M-7353 M&M-7326 M&M-6177 M&M-8049

An outfit change (to allow them to swing dance, of course! :)) and a quick trip to the ice cream bar. Perfection!

M&M-8227 M&M-2-43 M&M-7772 M&M-2-46 M&M-8278

Mr. & Mrs. Miller, I am thrilled for you both! This gorgeous day is just the beginning of something so much larger and more wonderful!

Much love! xo

Vendor Love:

Wedding Dress: InWhite

Florist: Dawn Mellinger

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Crossway Church

Wedding Planners: Kendra Herr, Denise Teeman

Food Coordinator: Kimberly Randolph

Decor Coordinator: Krista Oliver

Caterer:  Harvey’s BBQ

Ice Cream Bar: Carmen & David’s Creamery

Cake: Shady Maple Bakery

Photographer’s Second Shooter: Hannah Bauer





5 thoughts on “Mr. & Mrs. Miller! | A Lancaster Wedding.

  1. Thank you again for so beautifully capturing such a special day! You and Hannah did a great job and were so much fun as well ❤️

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