Casey & Jeremy | A Maryland Orchard Engagement Session

Where do I begin with Miss Casey? She and I have known each other and been friends since, well, FOREVER. We went to grade school together, played in the marching band and handbell choir, and had some of the most fun of my middle and high school years. Always quick with a witty saying, new hysterical word (that she used at the perfect moment), or creative new endeavor, she is a friend I enjoy and treasure. Suffice it to say that we have enough inside jokes between us, that I could write this post solely using those. (Don’t worry, I’ll refrain in the best interests of all others involved or reading thing. :)) Sadly, the last time I had seen Casey was at our wedding, almost 4 years ago! URG! So when I got a message from her sharing that she was engaged and asking if I would be willing to work with them, I literally squealed with delight and ran to my husband saying, “GUESS WHO JUST EMAILED ME!!?!?!?” :)

Our get together for this engagement shoot was long overdue but SO much fun – not only because we band nerds were reunited, but because Casey’s other half (Jeremy) was in attendance. When I think of a perfect match for Casey, this guy checks all the boxes and then some. He is funny, quick with a smile, hysterically witty, and adores my sweet friend. They laugh, they smile, they are just so stinkin’ CUTE together. Also, they are moving to MARYLAND, so that buys them bonus points in my book. Woohoo! I am thrilled for these two and am beyond honored to be a part of this amazing time in their lives. Their Baltimore wedding next summer is sure to be a stunner, but for now, enjoy their engagement session gorgeousness! xo

C&J-9186 C&J-9113 C&J-9265 C&J-9152

Aren’t they the cutest?! Ever!!


Jeremy proposed on a long weekend trip to the beach. Luckily he did, because while it ended up raining (and they were camping!), nothing could ruin the excitement of being newly engaged!

C&J-9324 C&J-9335 C&J-9424 C&J-9447-2C&J-9352 C&J-9534 C&J-9616 C&J-9625

I love how you laugh together!

C&J-9584 C&J-9622 C&J-9652 C&J-9663 C&J-9643 C&J-9739 C&J-9782C&J-9843

You are gorgeous, my friend!


Perfect together!

Much love!


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