A Crested Butte Vacation.

Hi, all!! I know it has been a while since I’ve blogged (Eeek! So sorry! We were all wiped out by a virus upon returning to MD!) so today, I am excited to finally share our family vacation to Crested Butte, CO! My husband’s parents took all of us out West, and it was a week full of memory making and gorgeous scenery. Crested Butte is a small town, about 4 and a half hours from Denver. We stayed in the most gorgeous “cabin” and spent our days outdoors, hiking, fishing, toasting marshmallows, riding ATV’s and moto bikes, and enjoying the (not humid!) 70-ish degree weather. It was certainly an adventure and wonderful gift.

Now, to share some of our time with you all! Enjoy!


This was the first time the kids had flown! Liam is still discussing his “Airplane to Denver!!!”

(Oh, and who’d of thunk the airport windows were so cruddy?! Ew! Ha!)


A Rockies game in the Mile-High City!


We arrived in Crested Butte just a their weekly farmer’s market was closing. Luckily, we came across the last operating stand, which was selling homemade popsicles!  This coconut version has inspired me to make my own!


A bite for GranDe. :)


The house! So incredible, eh?!


One of our first hikes. We visited in the midst of the wildflower festival/season and the blooms made our hikes that much more lovely!


It is so nice to get some help from Pops when little legs get tired!!

Aspen trees are also my new faves. :)


Super Dad, carrying both kiddos. (Can you tell that long hikes weren’t for us?! :))


A view of Mt. Crested Butte from our FRONT PORCH. How perfect was our location?!



Laura and Drew, my Sister and Brother-in-Law, are the coffee connoisseurs  of the group! While I gravitate towards tea, I can certainly appreciate the joy of beginning your day with something so lovely!


First vacation as a family of 4!


One morning, we woke up to these lovelies in our front yard (we were staying on a working ranch)! How is that for authentic?!

CB-1288 CB-1452

No campfire is complete without S’mores.

(This was one of his first, and ever since, he has requested one for breakfast. One of these days I may give in. :))


Again, with his buddy, Pops! This time, springing out of tall grass to surprise us!


A quick photo-op on Daddy’s ride. (No helmet = No riding! :))


One of the hikes got a bit long for the littles, so we broke away from the group and discovered Lake Peanut! Perfect for exploring flowers and throwing stones.

CB-1256 CB-1278 CB-1516

Farewell, Crested Butte! We hope to visit again!

Have a wonderful week, everyone!


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