Andrew & Mimi | A Woodend Sanctuary Wedding.

In June, a lovely friend and fellow photographer, Sara of Growing Tree Photography, asked me to assist her in shooting this gorgeous Woodend Sanctuary, here in Maryland. From the moment we arrived, this wedding was nothing less than stunning. Woodend is one of the most delightful venues I have had to opportunity to visit and Mimi and Andrew were an incredible couple to work with. Their attention to detail was flawless – from the hand-made origami cranes at each place setting, to the array of incredible desserts, and Mimi’s pink Kate Spade heels. Each moment of their day was exquisite and meaningful. What made the largest (and lasting!) impression, however, was this couple’s commitment to not only each other, but to their family and tradition as well. Attendees ventured from as far as Vietnam and it was such a joy to be a “fly on the wall” during this special celebration and reunion. Enjoy a few of my favorites and have a fabulous week!! x0

A&M-8408 A&M-8414

A bit of Kate Spade sparkle makes any wedding day that much more fabulous!

Woodend Sanctuary

A&M-8542 A&M-8550 A&M-8541 A&M-8577 A&M-8605 A&M-8628 A&M-8702 A&M-8717 A&M-8722

Mimi, you are radiant!

A&M-8766 A&M-8799 A&M-8808 A&M-8813

Congratulations, you two! What a perfect day to have been a party of!! xo

Venue: Woodend Sanctuary, Chevy Chase, MD

Images Taken for: Sara Code-Kroll of Growing Tree Photography

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