The Dupaya Family.

Allison and I went through school together, and while she was a year or two ahead of me, I always thought she was sweet and oh, so lovely. You can imagine how fun it was to discover that, all these years later, we both had families and were living less than 10 miles from each other! :) It was such a pleasure to spend the evening catching up and getting to know her wonderful husband Ryan and the apple of their eye…little Connor. He may be one of the most photogenic children I have ever had the honor of photographing and is just as sweet and cuddly in person!! The best part is that this little charmer is only 6 months old, so we know there is plenty of cuteness to come!! :) Dupaya family, thank you so much for asking me to capture your precious family! I adore you all! xo Baltimore Family Photography Baltimore Family PhotographyBaltimore Family Photography

Baltimore Family PhotographyLancaster County Wedding_0171 Lancaster County Wedding_0166 Baltimore Family Photography Baltimore Family Photography

Happy Friday, all!



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