The Fensch Family.

This lovely, lovely family is almost beyond words. Ami & Rick are the proud, adoring (as they should be!! :)) parents of little Eric, who turned 1 just a few weeks before these photos were taken. He is one of the most relaxed and sweet little ones I have ever had the pleasure of photographing. Plus, his smile is rather unforgettable. Rick is also a photographer, and I always consider it a huge honor to capture someone who is so used to being behind the lens. As you will see in the images below, their love and charm are infectious, and cutie-patootie Eric is so adorable I can barely contain myself. :) Fensch family, it was such a pleasure spending a gorgeous, sun-drenched evening with you!! Much love!! xo

Baltimore Family Photographer_0267 Baltimore Family Photographer_0266 Baltimore Family Photographer_0265 Federal Hill Baltimore Engagment Session_0257 Baltimore Family Photographer_0268 Baltimore Family Photographer_0264 Baltimore Family Photographer_0263 Baltimore Family Photographer_0262 Federal Hill Baltimore Engagment Session_0258 Baltimore Family Photographer_0260 Baltimore Family Photographer_0259 Baltimore Family Photographer_0261

See?! Such a gorgeous family!!

Happy Tuesday, all! xo

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