Personal Film: Apple Picking.

While I have done a few posts using film (here & here), it still continues to terrify and delight me. :) We went apple picking a few weeks ago and I just did not feel like lugging my big heavy DSLR. Enter my little, lightweight Canon AE-1 and a roll of Kodak 400 b&w film. While I still have loads to learn (heck, I still can’t even tell what kinds of film I like best!), I love the air of mystery a roll of film carries and the anticipation of holding/seeing those images for the first time. This roll was a bit dark and grainy for my liking, but I still love the pictures simply because of the cuties within them. They are growing so fast – I treasure each moment captured of their baby rolls and toddler antics. Plus, film carries a bit of whimsy and artistic freedom that I find to be a refreshing change from my typical style. Happy Wednesday, friends!! Do something lovely today! xo

Film-71390009 Film-71390010 Film-71390013 Film-71390008 Film-71390017 Film-71390019 Film-71390023 Film-71390018 Film-71390001 Film-71390003


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