Shoot & Share via PASS!

Hey there, lovely people! :) I hope your week is going well…I know we are trying to absorb every mild weathered day before this ARCTIC BLAST hits. I’m. Not. Ready.

Anywho, today I want to share a little bit about my business philosophy and the software I use to spoil my clients! :) If you have inquired about my wedding and portrait packages, you are already aware that time with me results in a PASS gallery with all of your (edited!) images. From there, you can share with family, post to social media, order prints, and use to your heart’s desire (for personal use of course :)). In other words, my clients do not have to order prints through me, my images are not watermarked, and I encourage sharing with no additional cost to the client. Why this approach, you ask? Initially, I chose to become a Shoot & Share photographer because I that is what I wanted in a professional searching for my own wedding! Later on, as I began my own business, I stuck with this approach and have had great success (and feedback!) from those I am lucky enough to work with. I charge more upfront (an all-inclusive fee), and therefore do not depend on the sale of prints or rights to the images to support my business…hence the term “Shoot & Share.” :)

So, how does PASS factor into this? Oh, so wonderfully. :) When I first began, I sent out DVD’s with my images via snail mail. While getting mail is charming, it was a time and soul sucking process for me…uploading was time intensive, getting to the post office was torture, must I go on?! :) In addition, I always worried that something would happen to the disk in my client’s care, hard drives could crash, and precious images would be lost forever. (Yes, “worry wart” could be a large part of my personality profile. :))

Then comes the oh-so-fantastic PASS!!!! A clever, attractive, file sharing website (that’s right, you get a site with your very own URL!), where I upload images and send directly to the client! My turnaround time for getting my client’s their images is literally cut in half, and the site is so much more lovely than viewing those little thumbnails off of a DVD! Clients are also free to send their website link to family and friends who can also view and download the images…no more having to burn multiple copies of that ancient DVD for Grandma, and enter the ability to share your entire wedding day with everyone you wish. The download process is also a breeze – one click and they’re yours! Can you tell I LOVE this service?! :) PASS also presents the ability to order professional prints directly from the gallery (we all know how I feel about printing your images – DO IT!), has an app (yes, an APP!) where you can keep your galleries at the tip of your fingers, and perhaps my all-time favorite – your images are stored in the PASS cloud for 10 YEARS. My worrying, over-active mind is put greatly at ease…ahhh.

Below I are a few examples of PASS galleries so you can see it in action!! When I deliver a gallery, it is always accompanied by a short set of directions, though I am sure my clientele could figure it out with their eyes closed. :)

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 7.27.42 AM

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 7.24.28 AM

In short, I love PASS and PASS loves me (and those I work with!) back. I will have more posts regarding the specifics of using this service in the future, but for now I hope I’ve been clear on my approach to delivering images and why I believe in the philosophy of Shoot & Share! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below (or shoot me an email – mary(at) and I am happy to answer them!



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