November Download.

As my Facebook and Instagram followers may already know, my husband and I were blessed to spend a weekend away (sans babies!) in Washington DC! It was full of sightseeing, great food, and time to reconnect. While parenting is an amazing gift, we feel lucky to have had some time to focus exclusively on one another – something that often is sacrificed for the needs of our littles. :) In my spare time (ha!), I greatly enjoy history, so DC and it’s amazing resources is always a welcome destination. This trip, we were lucky enough to walk right into a tour of the Capitol building and then took the tunnel from the Capitol directly to the Library of Congress. In a word – AMAZING. I have long thought that Europe was the only place for incredible architecture and artwork. While it is much more limited here in the states, these buildings prove that we Americans are capable of creating great beauty as well. Plus, I have a love for all colors muted and pastel, so aesthetically, I was in heaven. If you every have a chance, take the time to tour these buildings, as our tour guide said “they belong to the people!”

While architectural photography is not my specialty, I snapped a few pictures (and made hauling my heavy DSLR around for the day totally worth it! :)) to share! In addition, November’s digital download is in the mix! Enjoy!! xo

Library of Congress2

A little Library of Congress to brighten your everyday? Yes please!

This month, you get a choice of digital download to spruce up your desktop or other digital space – the image above, or below!

Enjoy, and as always, for personal use only please! :)

Libraray Of Congress1Maryland Engagement Photographer_0318 Maryland Engagement Photographer_0322 Maryland Engagement Photographer_0317

Below are images from the Capital building! It is equally stunning, but with a greater history. I mean, no big deal, but I STOOD WHERE ABRAHAM LINCOLN SAT IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Is it possible to be “star” struck by a historical figure? :)

Maryland Engagement Photographer_0323 Maryland Engagement Photographer_0324

In this B&W image, the very and absolute center of Washington DC is framed by many stunning, Virginia Sandstone pillars.

Below, the old Supreme Court Chamber, which housed the nation’s highest court from 1810-1860.

Maryland Engagement Photographer_0325

For more information on the Capitol and its history, visit here or here.

Happy Tuesday!!



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