Baby Bauer.

This session is a special one. I mean, really, really special. Hannah and Graham, two of our sweetest and most incredible friends, are HAVING A BABY! I started simultaneously crying (tears of joy, of course! :)) and squealing the moment I found out they were expecting this precious gift and don’t think I have stopped since. This little one is an answer to prayer and sweetest treasure. We cannot wait to meet him (yes, a little man!), maybe by then I will be able to stop the waterworks. (Doubt it! :))

Hannah, Motherhood already looks darn good on you, and Graham, I know you will be a most spectacular Daddy. You have been such a blessing to us and we are beyond overjoyed for this Precious One’s arrival. Love you three, more than you know! xoxo
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(Auntie) M.

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