10 Facts.

As you may notice, while this blog is from me, it doesn’t usually focus on me. My clients are what make this dream of mine a possibility, so focusing on them and educating others is my preference. Plus, frankly, I don’t enjoy blabbing on about myself. Ha! However, I thought that since I discussed how important having a good, personal relationship with your photographer in my post last week, I would share a few things about me, myself, and I. Plus, I love hearing the little (sometime quirky!) things that make other people unique! Happy Wednesday!! xo

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Photo by the ever amazing Abby Grace

1.) I love the color white. If I had my way, my entire house would be so. (Mayyyyybbbeeee a few shades of pastel thrown in there strategically.)

2.) I grew up riding and showing horses (Hunter/Jumper) and one of my biggest personal goals this year is to get back into it in some capacity. After all, we did just move to horse country, might as well take advantage, eh? :)

3.) A large part of my daily correspondence with family and friends is done through emojis.

4.) My junk food trifecta: White Cheddar Cheez-Its, Swedish Fish, Reese’s Puffs Cereal. Yes, I did get these for Christmas this year.

5.) While free time is limited in this season of my life (can you say 2 kids under 3?!), I love to read and binge watch Netflix during those precious minutes alone. I am slowly segwaying out of the Netflix watching however, in lieu of devouring more books (and my new obsession – learning Copperplate Calligraphy!). Another goal this year: use my mind and time well. (Disclaimer: When the newest House of Cards season arrives in Feb. I cannot be held to the above statements. #teamUnderwood)

6.) Most recent music addiction: Sam Smith. Download his album “In the Lonely Hour” immediately. Drool. Swoon.

7.) I need sunshine to feel like a real, functional human being. This is why winter and I sometimes don’t like each other.

8.) I love to cook and bake. Really, there is no such thing as “slaving” in the kitchen for me. (Dirty dishes, however, may fall into that category.)

9.) Tea over coffee, any day (unless I have a newborn and then bring. on. the. caffeine!!!). Tazo’s Zen or a good Matcha Latte. Yum.

10.) Hi, my name is Mary and I have a succulent addiction.

I would love to hear fun/quirky things about you lovely people! Share away!! xo

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