Film Friday.

Happyyyy Friday!!! We made it through another lovely week!! (Virtual high-five. :)) I’m switching up Friday posts today, and starting a little series called Film Friday versus the Foodie Friday we all know and love…yum! I won’t have a film post every week (scans take a long time to take, send in, and be processed), so when I don’t I will go back to sharing delish recipes.

Below, are a few of my first rolls of 120 color film (I shared b&w here), Fuji 400H, shot indoors as well as out. My goal at this point is to get a grasp on what types of light result in images that I love. It has been such a (wonderful!) challenge thus far, as I feel like I have a rather firm grasp on what types of light/exposures I need for my digital work. Enter in film, which, in some respects, is a completely different medium. I am not in love with what I produced (I have to constantly remind myself that it took years for me to find my ‘style’ shooting digitally, so no reason to be frustrated!), and am learning that I did not choose the easiest subjects, as attempting to focus the camera manually on wiggling children is a challenge unto itself! :) This being said, when I get the light right, and my focus sharp, I look at the end result and melt. The way film softly captures colors, saturation and the glow of natural light is like no other. I’m hooked.

Thanks for reading and following me in this new creative journey of mine! Here’s to the weekend! xo

Scans Jan 2015-000012610007

Our bathroom has windows curving behind and about the sides of this bathtub. Also, the light tub walls were acting as a natural reflector, so while her back was to the light source, her face was still illuminated. I love the warm/cool color contrast in this shot.

Scans Jan 2015-000012620001

So this shot is what I mean when I say that I am learning how film and digital are different. I love a good amount of lens flare (achieved by shooting directly into the setting/rising sun), but in film, the image below is much more appealing to me. The colors and grain are much more refined and lovely to my eye versus the rather dull image above.

Scans Jan 2015-000012620003

A simple step to the side, positioning myself so that the setting sun shone behind a tree (and therefore preventing such prominent lens flare), resulted in this gem. Same exposure, aperture, etc. What a difference, eh?!

Scans Jan 2015-000012620006

This is an example of a still subject in flat light. I loveeee the colors. While I largely don’t enjoy winter, it is certainly lovely in its own way.

Scans Jan 2015-000012620004

I included this one for a good laugh (and another example of deliberately avoiding direct lens flare. (Toddler) Daniel Boone meets modern society?! :) #squirrelhuntinginnikes

Scans Jan 2015-000012620012

Ughhh I missed the focus here. I still love the shot as it showed the movement of that moment. I have to remind myself often that, at times, it is most important to capture the the moment instead of waiting for perfection that may never come. Of course, I hope that eventually I will perfect my focusing, but in the meantime, Liam in the snow is still preserved forever.

January Digital Download, Mary Neumann Photography

Now onto this month’s digital download – my first film version!! Please enjoy the above frame to brighten up your desktop or other digital space (you may download from the image here).  As always, for personal use only, please! xo

5 thoughts on “Film Friday.

  1. These are awesome, you are incredibly talented, I really need to pick your brain, I need help on a new camera and just photography in general. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh nice. You have lovely photos. And that little boy is absolutely precious! Capturing toddlers is no way feat. My three year old niece has only been in focus in my shots when she is 1.) Asleep, or 2.) Unwrapping gifts ( a la Christmastime).

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