Foodie Friday: Matcha Tea.

TGIF, friends!! If you are looking for a new, light, lovely, morning pick-me-up, this edition of Foodie Friday is for you!! I recently was introduced to Matcha Green Tea through an article on Bon Appétit. Since I am a hard-core tea lover (Is that even a thing? Being a hard-core tea drinker?! If not, I’m making it one. :)), I was instantly fascinated. Thanks to a  quick Amazon search, and their ‘Prime’ quick shipping, I was making my own Matcha Lattes in just a couple of days. I haven’t looked back. Lauded for its high antioxidant properties (much higher than ‘normal’ green tea), nutty flavor, and lovely green hue, what isn’t there to like?! It tastes and look luxurious, but so simple to make right at home. It has brightened my dark early mornings and I hope it will yours as well.

I’ll include the recipe link and the Amazon link where I purchased my tea below!! Enjoy!! xo

Maryland Photographer, Destination Photographer

Bon Appétit, Matcha Latte Recipe

*I use honey instead of the Agave and whole cow’s milk!

Amazon Tea Purchase Link

*I did some research on this. From reviews I have read, this brand seems to have the least bitter taste (and I agree, it is lovely!), but other brands can be less smooth! Just something to keep in mind as you look. :)

Some Uses for Matcha

Have a  great weekend, all!



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