Baby Rowen, One Week Old.

You may recall my lovely (and oh, so special friends!!), Graham and Hannah, from their maternity shoot earlier this year! I am thrilled to share that they welcomed a sweet, perfect little man just days ago. These two are already stunning and wonderful parents…baby Rowen is one lucky little guy, and we, blessed to be your friends.

Love you all! xo

Rowen Tyler


1:53 a.m.

7lbs., 14 oz.

21.5 inches

Maryland Photographer_0397 Maryland Photographer_0400 Maryland Photographer_0405 Maryland Photographer_0406 Maryland Photographer_0399 Maryland Photographer_0404Maryland Photographer_0403 Maryland Photographer_0407 Maryland Photographer_0408 Maryland Photographer_0398 Maryland Photographer_0402 Maryland Photographer_0401 Maryland Photographer_0393

Hannah, you are breathtaking!!! Motherhood is so lovely on you.

Maryland Photographer_0396 Maryland Photographer_0391 Maryland Photographer_0392 Maryland Photographer_0395 Maryland Photographer_0394 Maryland Photographer_0390 Maryland Photographer_0389 Maryland Photographer_0388



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