Mr. & Mrs. Groff | A Glowing Lancaster County Wedding.

On a clear February day, full of crisp air and beautiful sunshine, Mr. & Mrs. Groff stood before those they cared for most and said “I do”. Amber and Greg are an extraordinary example of sweet, genuine, Grace-filled love. Their story may not be what some call typical, but through waiting and showing great patience and faith in the Lord, they have been joyfully brought together (and now joined as one!). This, witnessing the most special day in a couple’s lives, my friends, is the ultimate pleasure in what I do. Amber, the gentle, quiet, and ever-so-sweet bride was breathtaking in touches of gold and fur. Each moment of her wedding day, she oozed grace and excitement. In fact, I rarely saw her without a smile on her face as she anticipated marrying her love. Greg and his men, so dapper in vests and suspenders joyfully gathered, teased, and prayed together as only the best groom and groomsmen do. He cried tears of joy watching his lovely bride walk down the aisle, and she right back with eyes full of happiness and adoration. For me however, those surrounding these two were just as extraordinary. Bridal parties are usually full of special people – however with this wedding, it was full of those that had helped form who Amber and Greg are. Each person was there through thick and thin, the happy and the difficult. They were family, childhood friends, and full of so much love for this couple. It was humbling to witness such complete selflessness in friendship, in family, and in the commitment an entire community of people made in surrounding the new couple on this oh, so important day.

February 28th, 2015 was perfection – full of loving friends, family, and loads of glowing, gorgeous sunshine. Yours is a marriage for the ages, Amber and Greg! Thank you so very much for allowing me to be a part of it! Here’s to many more years in this amazing journey together! xo!

Maryland Photographer_0446Maryland Photographer_0431 Maryland Photographer_0433Maryland Photographer_0432 Maryland Photographer_0420 Maryland Photographer_0438 Maryland Photographer_0428 Maryland Photographer_0427 Maryland Photographer_0429 Maryland Photographer_0430Maryland Photographer_0435Maryland Photographer_0419 Maryland Photographer_0423 Maryland Photographer_0424 Maryland Photographer_0421Maryland Photographer_0486Maryland Photographer_0487Maryland Photographer_0488 Maryland Photographer_0439 Maryland Photographer_0440 Maryland Photographer_0442 Maryland Photographer_0441 Maryland Photographer_0444 Maryland Photographer_0445 Maryland Photographer_0447 Maryland Photographer_0448 Maryland Photographer_0449 Maryland Photographer_0434 Maryland Photographer_0451 Maryland Photographer_0453 Maryland Photographer_0460 Maryland Photographer_0457 Maryland Photographer_0454 Maryland Photographer_0455 Maryland Photographer_0456 Maryland Photographer_0478 Maryland Photographer_0479 Maryland Photographer_0458 Maryland Photographer_0461Maryland Photographer_0490 Maryland Photographer_0463 Maryland Photographer_0464Maryland Photographer_0491 Maryland Photographer_0466 Maryland Photographer_0467 Maryland Photographer_0468 Maryland Photographer_0469 Maryland Photographer_0470 Maryland Photographer_0471 Maryland Photographer_0472 Maryland Photographer_0473Mr. & Mrs. Groff-8723 Maryland Photographer_0475 Maryland Photographer_0481 Maryland Photographer_0483 Maryland Photographer_0482 Maryland Photographer_0485Mr. & Mrs. Groff-8833


Much Love!!



10 thoughts on “Mr. & Mrs. Groff | A Glowing Lancaster County Wedding.

  1. This wedding is perfection, Mary – you hit it out of the ballpark! Every image is beautiful, soft, crisp and clean!! The light is gorgeous and you’re AMAZING at the detail images! My heart just SOAKS THOSE UP! Way to go, lady!!!

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