10 Facts. (Part Deux)

So, here we are with another installment of 10 Facts (about MCN!). I am still struggling with the “self promotion” portion of this photog. blogging world! Please understand that I post with the intention of sharing about me, so you can get to know me as a person and not in an effort to simply focus on MeMeMe! :) It is such a fine line, and I struggle to convey my intentions correctly with every post. With that said, here are some things you may not know about me, myself, and I! :)

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(Photo Credit: the lovely Abby Grace Photography)

1.) I have a Genocide and Holocaust Studies minor! While my BA is in Corporate Communications, such an area of study has ALWAYS fascinated me. While some call it morbid, I think it’s incredibly important to educate current generations of the sins on the former. It is the only way to prevent such horrible things from happening again.

2.) We have a sweet pup named Loki (you may have seen him featured on a recent “Film Friday” on my Instagram account….be sure to find the cuteness, @MaryNeumannPhotography :)). He was a shelter/rescue doggie, our first ‘baby’, and the sweetest, most loyal creature alive.

3.) On the subject of pups, I grew up with two Jack Russell Terriers and am determined to add one to our family sooner rather than later. Michael, are you reading this???

4.) If my bed isn’t made every morning, a small part of me withers away and dies.

5.) Current music obsession: The Crossfit Workout Playlist on Amazon Prime. As I get back into running (can I get an “Amen!” for this warmer weather?!), they are some serious jams.

6.) I have been known to get a wicked case of the Hangries.

7.) On that note…current foodie obsession: the perfect poached egg. It’s harder than it looks, people.

8.) I (not so secretly) wish I could live half the week as a Lady in Downton Abbey. It’s probably just the clothes. And the library. Oh, and the horses. Lots of horses.

9.) I played the clarinet, violin, and french horn growing up. #marchingbandforlife

10.) Though I rarely make it at home, I love a fabulous cut of steak when eating out. NomNom.



One thought on “10 Facts. (Part Deux)

  1. Number 1 is my favorite! Who knew!? Thats incredibly cool that you have that study under your belt. I’m completely fascinated with the holocaust as well…Lets meet up for coffee at the…holocaust museum in Washington DC!! #wannabebesties

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