Mr. & Mrs. Herr | A Sweet, Countryside Wedding in Lancaster County.

Ahhh. Joy and Derek. If I could live in a wedding day, yours would be at the top of my list. Held in the church community of their childhoods, it was full of elegance, class, and the charm of the Lancaster County countryside. You may recall how smitten I was with these two in their engagement session this past fall…needless to say, my impressions haven’t wavered. Joy is the most breathtaking of brides, as her sweet and gentle heart shines through (and beyond!) my lens. Derek, the dapper, mature, smart-as-a-whip gentleman is all wit and charm. As soon as his lovely bride enters the conversation (or room!) you see him literally melt. His love for her seems to be his greatest ‘soft spot’ as well as the greatest testament to his character. Witnessing these two say their vows and become one, in the presence of such special family and friends was my ultimate pleasure. I know that their relationship will continue to be a wonderful, graceful example of the pleasures and trials of real, authentic marriage. I am beyond thrilled for you both and so honored to have been a part of this stunning day. xo!

Maryland Photographer_0528 Maryland Photographer_0549 Maryland Photographer_0550 Maryland Photographer_0546 Maryland Photographer_0551 Maryland Photographer_0548 Maryland Photographer_0547 Maryland Photographer_0561Maryland Photographer_0564 Maryland Photographer_0560 Maryland Photographer_0563 Maryland Photographer_0562 Maryland Photographer_0565 Maryland Photographer_0566 Maryland Photographer_0567 Maryland Photographer_0558 Maryland Photographer_0553 Maryland Photographer_0559 Maryland Photographer_0557 Maryland Photographer_0554 Maryland Photographer_0556 Maryland Photographer_0555 Maryland Photographer_0498 Maryland Photographer_0499 Maryland Photographer_0492 Maryland Photographer_0495 Maryland Photographer_0493 Maryland Photographer_0494 Maryland Photographer_0496 Maryland Photographer_0509 Maryland Photographer_0504 Maryland Photographer_0508 Maryland Photographer_0505 Maryland Photographer_0510 Maryland Photographer_0507 Maryland Photographer_0514 Maryland Photographer_0513 Maryland Photographer_0511 Maryland Photographer_0517 Maryland Photographer_0516 Maryland Photographer_0515 Maryland Photographer_0518 Maryland Photographer_0520 Maryland Photographer_0522 Maryland Photographer_0531 Maryland Photographer_0523 Maryland Photographer_0530 Maryland Photographer_0524 Maryland Photographer_0527 Maryland Photographer_0525 Maryland Photographer_0526 Maryland Photographer_0534 Maryland Photographer_0535 Maryland Photographer_0521 Maryland Photographer_0532 Maryland Photographer_0529 Maryland Photographer_0503 Maryland Photographer_0502 Maryland Photographer_0501 Maryland Photographer_0497

Thank you for letting me sneak you two outside for some sunset portraits as well! :)

Maryland Photographer_0540 Maryland Photographer_0541 Maryland Photographer_0539 Maryland Photographer_0538 Maryland Photographer_0537 Maryland Photographer_0536 Maryland Photographer_0542 Maryland Photographer_0543Maryland Photographer_0545 Maryland Photographer_0544

Mr. & Mrs. Herr! I adore you!!



8 thoughts on “Mr. & Mrs. Herr | A Sweet, Countryside Wedding in Lancaster County.

  1. Oh Mary and Joy!! What a gorgeous, gorgeous bride. Joy you are stunning and Mary you captured it all so well.

  2. I love every image, they just kept getting better + better! That chair is amazing + I love that you took it outside! Fav wedding of yours, you nailed it!

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