A Guide to Phone Photos.

Hi, all! :) Spring has sprung in MD and I am allllll about it. I can’t even begin to tell you how much my sanity has benefitted from a few days spent outdoors. Ha!

Ok, ok, back to the topic at hand…Phone Photos!! I have been using Instagram (and LOVING IT!) for my business for quite a while now. (Be sure to follow me, here!!) Initially, I preferred to just share images that I had taken professionally, on my DSLR. Since then, I find myself wanting to share my everyday and the spur of the moment. Obviously, my phone is the perfect medium for this, and since it is where I manage my Instagram account, I’ve refined a system – from taking the photo, editing, and uploading – that works for me! Today’s Part I will outline my approach to taking the photo and editing it. Tomorrow I’ll chat about the actual process/approach I take to Instagramming! Enjoy! :)


Fill the Frame. 

I rarely fill the entire frame with my subject in a DSLR image. Almost always, the subject is framed on or against a background, or occasionally they begin in frame and then continuing out of the image. This creates interest, but more importantly allows the subject of the image to be highlighted and most effectively featured, to my taste. Conversely, on my phone, I find myself liking a frame completely full of your subject matter. This works best when your surface is flat, like this Calligraphy sheet and tools.


Find the Light.

On almost all of my “How To” posts, I say this! Ha! But really, for me, the basis of an amazing image is good, natural light. As always, a soft, indirect source works best! For the image above, I chose a light background, which had a large window both directly to the left and to the top left corner. I love the interest a little bit of shadow gave this picture…especially highlighting the fun spikes on those balls!


 Find Complimentary Backgrounds.

While my normal style would be to place these flowers and butter on a clean, white background, I saw my dining room table and knew that the rough wood would make these light colors POP! The beauty of a phone photo is that you really only need a very small piece of surface area to stage and take some really fun pics! Look around, different textures and colors are all over!


Style Away!

GASP!! I hope you all know that the images above were all styled to look like they do! :) Taking a few moments to arrange things in a way that is pleasing to my eye makes a world of difference. Just because you are using a cell phone camera doesn’t mean your images have to lack creativity or creative thought! Of course, some of my favorite images are unscripted and organic. I am alway on the lookout for those moments (mainly of nature or people!), but when I am in full control of my subject, I love to add my personal little spin!

NOW, onto editing!! I have an iPhone, so first I style (if it calls for that!) the image and take the shot. Be sure to use the touch screen to focus on what you want featured, for the best, most crisp image possible. I also take a bunch of shots of the same thing, just to give myself options. Plus, I have noticed that the phone cameras, especially when you manual choose a focus point, can be a bit finicky. I go through the shots, and select my favorite. Then….I edit! There are loads of editing apps in the App Store, by my by-far favorite is PicTapGo!


In the App, I can crop, brighten, add contrast, and more! My regular adjustments include “Lights On”, “Crispity”, and “+ Contrast”. DONE! :)

From there, it is easy to upload the image directly to Instagram or save to your Camera Roll! So easy and so great. It has completely changed the way I view my camera phone and the images it produces!

I hope this has been helpful, I can’t wait to share more about my approach to Instagramming tomorrow!! Any questions? Feel free to comment below!!



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