A Guide to Instagram.

Happy Friday!! As I mentioned yesterday in A Guide to Phone Photos, Instagram has been huge and oh, so much fun for my business! Today, I hope to share a bit about my approach to this new social media darling and my process when using it!  Soooooo, here goes!

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 8.42.22 AM

I choose to share professional AND personal work on my Instagram account. This is a running debate among small businesses that use the platform…to include those personal shots or not. For me, the choice was easy, as I am the brand I put out into the world, so my personal life (and we aren’t talking deeply personal, here people! :)) can be directly relevant. Of course, this approach isn’t right for everyone, so do as your heart and gut tells you is best! Honestly, in this age of crazy over-sharing, I believe our instincts are spot on and it can be as easy as listening to them. :)

So, what does including personal tidbits look like? For me, it can be anything from sharing a picture of pretty lunch I’m enjoying, our adventures as tourists, or what treats I made for my pre-schooler’s birthday snack. I try to highlight things that I have enjoyed in the hopes that it can inspire others to do the same! I love following other’s that openly share their best ideas, tips, bits of encouragement, etc.! This type iof image is almost always taken on my phone, so refer to yesterday’s post on phone photos! :)

Of course, my Instagram account exists primarily for my business. I love to show off my gorgeous couples, share my latest sessions, and overall direction of my work. Heck, the main purpose of Instagram is to share lovely images, amIright?! To do this, I usually select my favorite image from a session, and upload it with relevant #hashtags and caption. The link to my blog is always in my main profile, so that if someone would like to see more of that session, they can via that address! Here is a step by step guide to posting to Instagram!

1.) Edit and export photo from Lightroom.

2.) Either email yourself the image, or upload to Facebook. (If doing the latter, find the image via your Facebook App on your mobile device and save to Camera Roll.)

3.) Open Squaready App. (yet another lifesaver!!). Upload desired photo from Camera Roll, and using options at the bottom of the App., position in a box, frame, etc.. I tend to opt for a simple, small white border.

*Note: For many of my images, I frame them very specifically when editing/taking them. Instagram, when inserting an photo directly, forces a crop screen upon you. I do not prefer this, thus the need to use Squaready to preserve the integrity of my specific edits. I also feel that a simple white frame makes that image really “pop!”


4.) From within Squaready, you can choose to export directly to Instagram, or save the newly framed image to your camera roll. To save a step, I always just upload directly to Insta. :)IMG_1648

5.) Once opened in Instagram, pass by the crop/edits screen and go directly to the caption screen. Add in your #hashtags, caption, etc.! Don’t forget to tag other users if they are either in the image or their work is included! In addition, I love that I can share my Instagram photos directly to my business Facebook page!! Just link the two accounts and TaDa!, one less step!

*Note: Don’t underestimate the power of a good hashtag! Ha! Choose #’s that directly relate to your work (for me, #film, #filmisnotdead, #marylandweddingphotographer, #weddingphotography are common, since that describes the majority of the work I choose to share/audience I wish to attract!) In addition, I have a few hashtags that relate directly to my work – users can look under #maryneumannphotography, #mnpbrides, #mnpweddings, #mnpbabes, #mnpfoodie, for an easy way to locate specific areas of my work!IMG_1649

6.) Share away, loves! :)

As always, I hope this is helpful and you’re inspired to get sharing!! Want to find me on Instagram?! Here you go!



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