Punta Cana Vacation.

A few weeks ago, Michael and I spent time under the sun…just the two of us. We chose Punta Cana for our honeymoon, and as this year is our 5th wedding anniversary, it was only fitting to return! Unlike other recent trips, I challenged myself by leaving my bulky DSLR at home and only carrying my little Canon AE-1 35mm film camera and one roll of Fuji 400H film! The camera cost me about $100, and I have never produced an image I loved from it. Ha! My thoughts were that if I could master (or at least get a handle on it!) this little guy, then I was truly learning about shooting film, and can carry that knowledge into my medium format/professional work. The results exceeded my expectations and I continue to be blow away by the latitude, tones, and unique beauty of film….even if it is the “budget” version. Enjoy, and happy Wednesday, friends! xo

Film-000024170007Film Photographer_0052Film-000024170003Film Photographer_0045Film-000024170002Film-000024170024Film Photographer_0053Film-000024170033Film-000024170029Film-000024170030Film Photographer_0050Film-000024170032Film-000024170008Film-000024170026



One thought on “Punta Cana Vacation.

  1. I feel like I am standing right next to you in these images! Breathing in the salty air and feeling the sunburn on my shoulders. Thank you for that! And yes, your budget version worked your film magic. I am in love with it! Xoxoxo

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