Courtney & Steven, Engaged | A Glowing Springtime Engagement Session.

Never have I left an engagement session so smitten with a couple…In.My.Life. Courtney and Steven are the real, amazing deal. Funny, smart, gorgeous, and most importantly, perfect for each other. There were times during this sweet, glowing session (that lighttttt) where I was laughing SO hard I could barely hold my camera still. There were other moments that I sat back and watched this stunning couple reminisce about the first time they met, chat about what is sure to be a stunning wedding day, or share their visions for the future. They are the epitome of joy and selfless love, and the reason I do what I do. It was an honor and privilege to spend this glorious evening together…September cannot be here soon enough! xo!

Maryland Photographer_0609 Maryland Photographer_0610 Maryland Photographer_0611 Maryland Photographer_0612 C&S Engaged-3139 Maryland Photographer_0614 Maryland Photographer_0615 Maryland Photographer_0616 Maryland Photographer_0617 Maryland Photographer_0618
Maryland Photographer_0619 Maryland Photographer_0621 Maryland Photographer_0620 Maryland Photographer_0623 Maryland Photographer_0632 Maryland Photographer_0627 Maryland Photographer_0622 Maryland Photographer_0635 Maryland Photographer_0630 Maryland Photographer_0631 Maryland Photographer_0633 Maryland Photographer_0624 Maryland Photographer_0625 Maryland Photographer_0626 Maryland Photographer_0629

Aren’t they perfection?!



3 thoughts on “Courtney & Steven, Engaged | A Glowing Springtime Engagement Session.

  1. Obsessed is an understatement! You certainly capture couples ‘unique’ versions of love well. We adored spending time with you!

  2. I love all of the photos. One is better than the next. Thank you for capturing it in such a beautiful way Mary. Can’t wait for the wedding.

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