Mr. & Mrs. Nicklaus | An Elegant Backyard Wedding.

While I have a special connection with all of my brides, Ashley is one that I hold especially close to my heart. You see, about 10 years ago, I headed off to college…filled with a sense of excitement, and an equal amount of terror. :) My time at Seton Hill began with an amazing team of Admissions Counselors, and I still remember walking into their office for the first time, Ashley being one of them. She was warm, funny, sweet, and an instant friend and mentor. She proved to be a shoulder to cry on, always had my best interests in mind, was full of joy, and most of all, someone I grew to love. When you are away from home for the very first time, it is incredibly formative, and so important to surround yourself with exactly this kind of person. I can only hope that my children find a role model and friend like Ashley, when they too venture into the ‘real world’.

I am forever thankful for you, Ashley, and was so honored to be a part of your stunning day! I love you and your beautiful family! Congratulations! xo

Maryland Photographer_0638 Maryland Photographer_0640

Brian is a Jeweler, and an incredibly talented one at that! Ladies, how about Ashley’s handcrafted pink diamond ring?! Swoon…

Maryland Photographer_0639 Maryland Photographer_0641 Maryland Photographer_0643 Maryland Photographer_0642 Maryland Photographer_0644 Maryland Photographer_0646 Maryland Photographer_0647 Maryland Photographer_0648 Maryland Photographer_0645 Maryland Photographer_0652Maryland Photographer_0653 Maryland Photographer_0650 Maryland Photographer_0651 Maryland Photographer_0649 Maryland Photographer_0655 Maryland Photographer_0654 Maryland Photographer_0657 Maryland Photographer_0659 Maryland Photographer_0663 Maryland Photographer_0661 Maryland Photographer_0662 Maryland Photographer_0660 Maryland Photographer_0656 Maryland Photographer_0664 Maryland Photographer_0665 Maryland Photographer_0668 Maryland Photographer_0666 Maryland Photographer_0667 Maryland Photographer_0669

What a wonderful celebration!

Much love!



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