Mr. & Mrs. Councill | An Elegant and Classic Maryland Estate Wedding.

If I could bottle up and save a day, Paxton and Matthew’s wedding would be it. It may have been the backdrop – a gorgeous private estate belonging to Matt’s parents, or the elegant Catholic ceremony where they said their “I Do’s”. Was it the stunning celebration under billowing white tents, the impeccable details, or the love that filled every moment of the day? I can’t possibly narrow it down, but know for certain it is one not quickly forgotten. This couple and their families celebrated, and celebrated well, the value and glory found in marriage – the commitment and beauty found in serving and accepting another as your partner. Paxton, the epitome of classical elegance and beauty (and not-so-secret book worm…as if I didn’t love her enough already?! :)), and Matthew, her smart, dashing groom always quick with a smile and laugh for his witty, sweet bride. Together, you two are perfection, and I feel so honored to have been a part of your day. Here’s to many anniversaries as lovely as this. xo!

Maryland Photographer_0670 Maryland Photographer_0675 Maryland Photographer_0671 Maryland Photographer_0672 Maryland Photographer_0673 Maryland Photographer_0677 Maryland Photographer_0678 Maryland Photographer_0679 Maryland Photographer_0681 Maryland Photographer_0683 Maryland Photographer_0685 Maryland Photographer_0684 Maryland Photographer_0682 Maryland Photographer_0687 Maryland Photographer_0689 Maryland Photographer_0688 Maryland Photographer_0690 Maryland Photographer_0691 Maryland Photographer_0692 Maryland Photographer_0693 Maryland Photographer_0694 Maryland Photographer_0695 Maryland Photographer_0696Mr. & Mrs. Councill-1724 Maryland Photographer_0726 Maryland Photographer_0701 Maryland Photographer_0699 Maryland Photographer_0698 Maryland Photographer_0703 Maryland Photographer_0704 Maryland Photographer_0725 Maryland Photographer_0714 Maryland Photographer_0700 Maryland Photographer_0702 Maryland Photographer_0709 Maryland Photographer_0710 Maryland Photographer_0705 Maryland Photographer_0711 Maryland Photographer_0712 Maryland Photographer_0713Maryland Photographer_0761Maryland Photographer_0762 Maryland Photographer_0708 Maryland Photographer_0706 Maryland Photographer_0707 Maryland Photographer_0723 Maryland Photographer_0722 Maryland Photographer_0718 Maryland Photographer_0719 Maryland Photographer_0720 Maryland Photographer_0721 Maryland Photographer_0724 Maryland Photographer_0733Mr. & Mrs. Councill-3252Mr. & Mrs. Councill-3933Mr. & Mrs. Councill-3235Mr. & Mrs. Councill-3936 Maryland Photographer_0734 Maryland Photographer_0737 Maryland Photographer_0732 Maryland Photographer_0738 Maryland Photographer_0736 Maryland Photographer_0740 Maryland Photographer_0741 Maryland Photographer_0758 Maryland Photographer_0745 Maryland Photographer_0746 Maryland Photographer_0742 Maryland Photographer_0750Maryland Photographer_0744 Maryland Photographer_0743Maryland Photographer_0747 Maryland Photographer_0748 Maryland Photographer_0751 Maryland Photographer_0754 Maryland Photographer_0760 Maryland Photographer_0759 Maryland Photographer_0752 Maryland Photographer_0753 Maryland Photographer_0755 Mr. & Mrs. Councill-4225

Have an amazing time in ITALY, you two!!



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