Jackie & Justin, Engaged | A Washington DC Sunrise Engagement Session.

All of my couples have a story. It is as special and unique as they are and are, and a huge part of why I love what I do. Jackie and Justin’s, as I could tell from our very first correspondence, is most certainly both of those things. Jackie, an accomplished, classy, and beautiful business woman meets Justin, the witty project manager at a film production company (by day!), and member of a comedy sketch group (by night!). They love trying new foods, Apple products, and ping-pong. What?! Is this real life? Does it get much better?! I think not. Their unique lives are only overshadowed by their sweet love and admiration for one another. Justin, always quick to make Jackie (and myself!) laugh, and Jackie, one of the most grounded and lovely brides I have had the pleasure of working with. This session was pure delight, and I am SO honored to be a small part of this exciting time.

J.&J., thank you so much for braving that early wake-up, I hope the gorgeous sunrise glow makes it all worth it. :) xo!

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