Mr. & Mrs. Eller | An Elegant and Whimsical Erie, Pennsylvania Wedding.

Not only is their love story something out of a fairy tale (high school sweethearts!), but Angela and Patrick’s wedding was nothing short of the same. From the oodles of whimsical details, to the loving family and friends surrounding them, this day was one of the most meaningful and lovely I have had the pleasure of documenting. Though rain was predicted for the day, Angela approached her wedding with a never-wavering sense of excitement and joy – nothing unusual to those who know her well. :) The rain did fall, but, (timed perfectly!) the clouds also parted. It takes rain to appreciate meaningful moments of sun, and I think Angela put it perfect with, “Jesus and our angels must have been smiling down on us”. Cue the tears.

From each special touch (that cake!! :)), to the reception (complete with multiple choreographed dances!), I never stopped smiling for my dear friends. It may seem cliché, but these two were made for each other. Mr. & Mrs. Eller, I have never cried tears of joy as much as I did on June 27th. Your day was as perfect and special as you are, and I am so honored to have been a part of it.

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Ang., so incredibly happy for you. You’ve found that Prince, my darling!! :)



Talented Vendor Team:

Gown and Bridesmaid Dresses: MoriLee by Madeline Gardner, purchased at Bridal Elegance, Erie PA

Florist: Deneen Santos, Extraordinary Weddings

Ceremony Venue: Saint George Roman Catholic Church

Reception Venue: Lawrence Park Golf Club

Wedding Planner: The Bride! :)

Hair and Makeup: Ambridge Rose Spa and Salon

DJ and/or Band: DJ Brian Shank

Videographer: Rob Gibson

Cake: Jennifer Shaffer

Catering: Lawrence Park Golf Club

Groomsmen Attire: Cuff’s Formal Wear

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