Paxton, on Film.

Happy Tuesday, Friends! The summer has hit in full force, and I am loving every sticky hot day. Summer, please stay forever. :)

As my wedding season progresses, I am striving to incorporating more and more film into my work flow. The colors, the softness…swoon! Today, I’m revisiting Paxton and Matthew’s stunning Clynmalira Estate Wedding, which was featured here a few weeks ago. Dripping with elegance, it was what wedding day dreams are made of.  Of course, I couldn’t pass up shooting a roll of this gorgeous bride and stunningly historic estate. Enjoy! xo

Pax on Film-000028820004 Pax on Film-000028820009 Pax on Film-000028820008 Pax on Film-000028820001 Pax on Film-000028820007 Pax on Film-000028820010

Fuji 400H, Scanned and Processed by Richard Photo Lab.

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