Kristin & Saujan | A Romantic Maryland Countryside Engagement Session.

Kristin and Saujan. Two engineers. The sweetest love story. One stunning couple.

I adored every moment of this session and could not be more excited to capture their wedding celebration this October!

(Hybrid session, all film – Fuji 400H, Ilford Delta 3200 – developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.)

Maryland Photographer_0886 Maryland Photographer_0881 Maryland Photographer_0882 Maryland Photographer_0883 Maryland Photographer_0887 Maryland Photographer_0884 Maryland Photographer_0885 Maryland Photographer_0888 Maryland Photographer_0889 Maryland Photographer_0892 K&S-000082360005 K&S-000082360009 K&S-000082360007 K&S-000082360012 K&S-000082360014 K&S-000082360015 Maryland Photographer_0893 Maryland Photographer_0897 Maryland Photographer_0898 K&S-000011500002 Maryland Photographer_0890 Maryland Photographer_0895 Maryland Photographer_0891 Maryland Photographer_0894 Maryland Photographer_0896 K&S-000011500004 K&S-000011500003




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