Mr. & Mrs. Romaneo | American Visionary Arts Museum Wedding.

Casey. I have known this gorgeous woman since we were wee tots, and I have adored her just as long. The morning of her wedding, she was calm, collected and sweetly anticipating seeing her Jeremy in just a short time. Surrounded by the most special ladies in her life (and a few more childhood friends!), she was abuzz with anticipation for the amazing day ahead.

Jeremy. Though I haven’t had the pleasure of knowing him quite as I have his lovely wife, he has won me over, time and time again. His sweet, unabashed adoration for my lovely Casey speaks for itself. His gentle touch, his admiring gaze, his never-ending smile when she enters the room. His delight in her becoming his wife. Such devotion is pure and true and an honor to witness.

July 18th was warm, wonderful, and sweet. Casey and Jeremy, thank you so much for the privilege of capturing you and your families’ inspiring joy. This wedding day was one I will never forget, and treasure. I adore you both, and love you even more together! Much love!


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