Mr. & Mrs. Henz | A Preppy and Elegant Eastern Shore Wedding.

Courtney and Steven. This day was beyond words – full of emotion, laughter, beauty, and so much love. Together, you two are perfection. It is an honor to know (and adore! :)) you both, and to have been a part of this unforgettable day. Congratulations, and much love for the many years to come! xo! Maryland Photographer_1104 Maryland Photographer_1155 Maryland Photographer_1154 Maryland Photographer_1153 Maryland Photographer_1152 Maryland Photographer_1151 Maryland Photographer_1150 Mr. & Mrs. Henz-000061800001 Mr. & Mrs. Henz-000061800002 Maryland Photographer_1149 Maryland Photographer_1148 Maryland Photographer_1147 Maryland Photographer_1146 Maryland Photographer_1145 Maryland Photographer_1144 Maryland Photographer_1143 Maryland Photographer_1142 Maryland Photographer_1141 Maryland Photographer_1140 Maryland Photographer_1138 Maryland Photographer_1139 Maryland Photographer_1136 Maryland Photographer_1137 Maryland Photographer_1135 Maryland Photographer_1157 Maryland Photographer_1158 Maryland Photographer_1130 Maryland Photographer_1129 Maryland Photographer_1128 Maryland Photographer_1127 Maryland Photographer_1126 Maryland Photographer_1132 Maryland Photographer_1125 Maryland Photographer_1124 Maryland Photographer_1156 Maryland Photographer_1122 Maryland Photographer_1123 Maryland Photographer_1121 Maryland Photographer_1134 Maryland Photographer_1119 Maryland Photographer_1115 Maryland Photographer_1133 Maryland Photographer_1116 Maryland Photographer_1120 Maryland Photographer_1117 Maryland Photographer_1118 Maryland Photographer_1114 Maryland Photographer_1113 Maryland Photographer_1112 Maryland Photographer_1106 Maryland Photographer_1111 Maryland Photographer_1110 Maryland Photographer_1108Maryland Photographer_1109 Maryland Photographer_1107 Maryland Photographer_1105 Maryland Photographer_1103 Maryland Photographer_1102 Maryland Photographer_1101 Maryland Photographer_1098 Maryland Photographer_1099 Maryland Photographer_1097 Maryland Photographer_1096 Maryland Photographer_1095 Maryland Photographer_1094 Maryland Photographer_1093 Maryland Photographer_1159 Maryland Photographer_1092

Wedding Dress: Allure Dress, Betsy Robinson

Florist: Holly Frisch

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Celebrations at the Bay

Hair and Makeup: Hair- Sara E. Artistry \\ Makeup Debbie Federico

DJ and/or Band: DJ Entertainment- Dave Holmes

Cake & Catering: Catering by Uptown

Bridesmaid Dresses: Betsy Robinson

Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Warehouse

Invitations: Minted


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