Erika & Jordan | An Equestrian, Countryside Engagement Session.

Erika & Jordan. Two people with hearts of gold and so much love for each other. This session was a joy (my love for anything Equestrian is no secret!), and I loved every moment. Congratulations on your engagement,  your sweet Vineyard wedding celebration cannot come soon enough! xo Maryland Photographer_1161 Maryland Photographer_1165 Maryland Photographer_1163 Maryland Photographer_1164 Maryland Photographer_1166 Maryland Photographer_1167 Maryland Photographer_1169 Maryland Photographer_1171 Maryland Photographer_1173 Maryland Photographer_1170 Maryland Photographer_1172 Maryland Photographer_1168 Maryland Photographer_1174 Maryland Photographer_1176 Maryland Photographer_1175 Maryland Photographer_1177 Maryland Photographer_1179 Maryland Photographer_1178 Maryland Photographer_1180 Maryland Photographer_1181 Maryland Photographer_1182 Maryland Photographer_1184 Maryland Photographer_1183 Maryland Photographer_1185 Maryland Photographer_1186 Maryland Photographer_1187 Maryland Photographer_1188 Maryland Photographer_1189 Maryland Photographer_1190 Maryland Photographer_1191

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