The Downs Family | Maryland Fine Art Photographer.

Sarah & Micah. Sweet parents, Believers, and partners. With their two precious little ones, they invited me into their home and neighborhood for this time together and it was soooo special. I treasure these four and love every one of these images – trust me when I say it doesn’t get much sweeter! xo Maryland Photographer_1273 Maryland Photographer_1271 Maryland Photographer_1274 Maryland Photographer_1272 Maryland Photographer_1270 Maryland Photographer_1269 Maryland Photographer_1275 Maryland Photographer_1268 Maryland Photographer_1257 Maryland Photographer_1265 Maryland Photographer_1264 Maryland Photographer_1263 Maryland Photographer_1262 Maryland Photographer_1261 Maryland Photographer_1259 Maryland Photographer_1260 Maryland Photographer_1258 Maryland Photographer_1256 Maryland Photographer_1255 Maryland Photographer_1254 Maryland Photographer_1252Maryland Photographer_1253
Maryland Photographer_1251 Maryland Photographer_1247 Maryland Photographer_1249 Maryland Photographer_1248 Maryland Photographer_1250 Maryland Photographer_1246

3 thoughts on “The Downs Family | Maryland Fine Art Photographer.

  1. Knowing you both I can not imagine anything more perfect!! Mary- you did such an incredible job capturing this sweet family! You have such a gift!! Sarah- I know you’re dying over all that swoon-worthy light! It reminds me of your wedding pictures! You four look SO radiantly happy and settled together. These images fill me with joy!!!

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