Crystal & James | An Elegant Horse Farm Engagement Session.

A few weeks ago, I had the honor and pleasure of spending an evening with Crystal & James. Their love is sweet and their joy infectious. Their taste in venues is also top-notch…one of the most beautiful horse farms in Maryland. Swoon. :) Enjoy these two and their beautiful love story! xo Maryland Photographer_1327 Maryland Photographer_1309 Maryland Photographer_1310 Maryland Photographer_1311 Maryland Photographer_1338 Maryland Photographer_1331 Maryland Photographer_1329Maryland Photographer_1330 Maryland Photographer_1328 Maryland Photographer_1326 Maryland Photographer_1337 Maryland Photographer_1325 Maryland Photographer_1339 Maryland Photographer_1335 Maryland Photographer_1313 Maryland Photographer_1336 Maryland Photographer_1333 Maryland Photographer_1308 Maryland Photographer_1314 Maryland Photographer_1316 Maryland Photographer_1317 Maryland Photographer_1315 Maryland Photographer_1318 Maryland Photographer_1334 Maryland Photographer_1319 Maryland Photographer_1321 Maryland Photographer_1322 Maryland Photographer_1332 Maryland Photographer_1320 Maryland Photographer_1324 Maryland Photographer_1323

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