Mr. & Mrs. Freeman. | Maryland Wedding Photographer.

I have never witnessed a first look quite like this one…where the groom was left literally speechless, in awe of his gorgeous bride. Jake was overwhelmed with admiration for his sweet Marisa and I was so honored to be there and capture it. I adored this beautiful, intimate celebration full of joy and overflowing with love. Mr. & Mrs. Freeman, congratulations, your love story is one for the ages! xo

Maryland Photographer_1354 Maryland Photographer_1369 Maryland Photographer_1368 Maryland Photographer_1373 Maryland Photographer_1370 Maryland Photographer_1375 Maryland Photographer_1374 Maryland Photographer_1371 Maryland Photographer_1372 Maryland Photographer_1376 Maryland Photographer_1367 Maryland Photographer_1366 Maryland Photographer_1365 Maryland Photographer_1363 Maryland Photographer_1364 Maryland Photographer_1362 Maryland Photographer_1357 Maryland Photographer_1356 Maryland Photographer_1355 Maryland Photographer_1353 Mr. & Mrs. Freeman, Blog Favorites-9731 Maryland Photographer_1352 Maryland Photographer_1351 Maryland Photographer_1350 Mr. & Mrs. Freeman, Blog Favorites-9811 Maryland Photographer_1349 Maryland Photographer_1348 Maryland Photographer_1347 Maryland Photographer_1346Mr. & Mrs. Freeman, Blog Favorites-0023 Maryland Photographer_1359 Maryland Photographer_1361 Maryland Photographer_1358Mr. & Mrs. Freeman, Blog Favorites-0023Mr. & Mrs. Freeman-0137 Maryland Photographer_1343 Maryland Photographer_1342 Maryland Photographer_1340

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