Mr. & Mrs. Henz | A Preppy and Elegant Eastern Shore Wedding.

Courtney and Steven. This day was beyond words – full of emotion, laughter, beauty, and so much love. Together, you two are perfection. It is an honor to know (and adore! :)) you both, and to have been a part of this unforgettable day. Congratulations, and much love for the many years to come! xo! Maryland Photographer_1104 Maryland Photographer_1155 Maryland Photographer_1154 Maryland Photographer_1153 Maryland Photographer_1152 Maryland Photographer_1151 Maryland Photographer_1150 Mr. & Mrs. Henz-000061800001 Mr. & Mrs. Henz-000061800002 Maryland Photographer_1149 Maryland Photographer_1148 Maryland Photographer_1147 Maryland Photographer_1146 Maryland Photographer_1145 Maryland Photographer_1144 Maryland Photographer_1143 Maryland Photographer_1142 Maryland Photographer_1141 Maryland Photographer_1140 Maryland Photographer_1138 Maryland Photographer_1139 Maryland Photographer_1136 Maryland Photographer_1137 Maryland Photographer_1135 Maryland Photographer_1157 Maryland Photographer_1158 Maryland Photographer_1130 Maryland Photographer_1129 Maryland Photographer_1128 Maryland Photographer_1127 Maryland Photographer_1126 Maryland Photographer_1132 Maryland Photographer_1125 Maryland Photographer_1124 Maryland Photographer_1156 Maryland Photographer_1122 Maryland Photographer_1123 Maryland Photographer_1121 Maryland Photographer_1134 Maryland Photographer_1119 Maryland Photographer_1115 Maryland Photographer_1133 Maryland Photographer_1116 Maryland Photographer_1120 Maryland Photographer_1117 Maryland Photographer_1118 Maryland Photographer_1114 Maryland Photographer_1113 Maryland Photographer_1112 Maryland Photographer_1106 Maryland Photographer_1111 Maryland Photographer_1110 Maryland Photographer_1108Maryland Photographer_1109 Maryland Photographer_1107 Maryland Photographer_1105 Maryland Photographer_1103 Maryland Photographer_1102 Maryland Photographer_1101 Maryland Photographer_1098 Maryland Photographer_1099 Maryland Photographer_1097 Maryland Photographer_1096 Maryland Photographer_1095 Maryland Photographer_1094 Maryland Photographer_1093 Maryland Photographer_1159 Maryland Photographer_1092

Wedding Dress: Allure Dress, Betsy Robinson

Florist: Holly Frisch

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Celebrations at the Bay

Hair and Makeup: Hair- Sara E. Artistry \\ Makeup Debbie Federico

DJ and/or Band: DJ Entertainment- Dave Holmes

Cake & Catering: Catering by Uptown

Bridesmaid Dresses: Betsy Robinson

Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Warehouse

Invitations: Minted


Mr. & Mrs. Diederich | Josephine Butler Parks Center Wedding Photographer.

Jill & Joe. These two – full of humility, grace, and joy. They have truly found their best friend and lifelong partner in one another, and their day was a stunning start to that brilliant future. Jill, the elegant, sweet beauty (with many talents – those florals are all her!) is always quick with that stunningly warm smile. Joe, her easy-going and dashing husband, so caring and thoughtful and always quick to laugh. Together, they are perfection. A pair truly meant to spend their lives together.

It was an absolute joy and honor to spend this day with you both! Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Diederich! xo Maryland Photographer_1057Maryland Photographer_1082 Maryland Photographer_1079Mr. & Mrs. Diederich-3229 Maryland Photographer_1078 Maryland Photographer_1077 Maryland Photographer_1085 Maryland Photographer_1075 Maryland Photographer_1076 Maryland Photographer_1074 Maryland Photographer_1073 Maryland Photographer_1087 Maryland Photographer_1072 Maryland Photographer_1071 Maryland Photographer_1068Maryland Photographer_1070 Maryland Photographer_1067 Maryland Photographer_1084 Maryland Photographer_1066 Maryland Photographer_1065 Maryland Photographer_1062 Maryland Photographer_1086 Maryland Photographer_1064 Maryland Photographer_1063 Maryland Photographer_1060Maryland Photographer_1058 Maryland Photographer_1059 Maryland Photographer_1055 Maryland Photographer_1056 Maryland Photographer_1061 Maryland Photographer_1054Maryland Photographer_1049Maryland Photographer_1052 Maryland Photographer_1053 Maryland Photographer_1083 Maryland Photographer_1050 Maryland Photographer_1047 Maryland Photographer_1046 Maryland Photographer_1045 Maryland Photographer_1044 Maryland Photographer_1048Maryland Photographer_1040 Maryland Photographer_1043Maryland Photographer_1041Maryland Photographer_1091 Maryland Photographer_1039 Maryland Photographer_1089Maryland Photographer_1090 Maryland Photographer_1088 Maryland Photographer_1037 Maryland Photographer_1036 Maryland Photographer_1035 Maryland Photographer_1038

Talented Vendor Team:

Wedding Dress: I Do I Do Wedding Gowns


The Bride!

Ceremony Venue: Josephine Butler Parks Center

2437 15TH Street, NW

Washington, DC 20009

Makenzie Delmotte

Events Coordinator

Washington Parks and People

Reception Venue: Josephine Butler Parks Center

2437 15TH Street, NW

Washington, DC 20009

202-GO-2-PARK (202-462-7275)

Makenzie Delmotte

Events Coordinator

Hair and Makeup: Up Do’s for I Do’s

DJ and/or Band: source4entertainment

Cake: Whole Foods

Catering: Main Event Catering

Event Designer – Darcy Munshower

Event Manager – Daniela Araujo

Bridesmaid Dresses: Union Station

Groomsmen Attire: Jos. A. Bank

Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas

Photography Assistant: Nikki Schell Creative

Rejuvenate: The Little Workshop.

The Little Workshop with Michael and Carina was one of the best things I have done for my business (and for myself! :)) thus far. M&C are true film artists, and it was such an honor to spend the day with them, learning, shooting, and absorbing all things Fine Art! It has encouraged me to push forward in this dream of using more and more film in my workflow, and for that I am so grateful. Here is a collection of images from the styled shoot portion of the day, dreamed up by Michael and Carina, and curated by the lovely ladies at Wit Weddings. A talented team of vendors made it all possible, so be sure to check out their information below!

For now, enjoy some of my favorite images to date! xo

(This collection was also featured on the International Film Blog, Wedding Sparrow, which you can see here.)

Maryland Photographer_0999 Maryland Photographer_1004 Maryland Photographer_1003 Maryland Photographer_1002 Maryland Photographer_1005 Maryland Photographer_1015 Maryland Photographer_1001 Maryland Photographer_1006 Maryland Photographer_1000 Maryland Photographer_1033 Maryland Photographer_1027 Maryland Photographer_1031 Maryland Photographer_1029 Maryland Photographer_1028 Maryland Photographer_1032 Maryland Photographer_1030 Maryland Photographer_1024 Maryland Photographer_1025 Maryland Photographer_1026 Maryland Photographer_1007 Maryland Photographer_1016 Maryland Photographer_1022 Maryland Photographer_1019 Maryland Photographer_1021 Maryland Photographer_1018 Maryland Photographer_1014 Maryland Photographer_1023 Maryland Photographer_1020 Maryland Photographer_1017 Maryland Photographer_1008 Maryland Photographer_1012 Maryland Photographer_1011 Maryland Photographer_1009 Maryland Photographer_1010 Maryland Photographer_1013

(All images shot on Fuji 400H 120 film.)

Talented Vendor Team

The Little Workshop with Michael and Carina Photography | Styled by Wit Weddings | | Venue: Agecroft Hall | Florals: White Magnolia Designs | Stationary and Calligraphy: Stephanie Bobruska | Rentals: 12th Table | Model: Helen | Hair and Makeup: Emily Tucker w/ Lora Kelley  | Linens: Silk and Willow | Film scanned and developed by: Richard Photo Lab

Mr. & Mrs. Skinner | A Classically Elegant Maryland Wedding.

Jon and Anna. A match made in heaven, and one of my all-time favorite couples. Surrounded by the sweetest of family and friends, their wedding was one I will not soon forget. Anna’s impeccable taste resulted in a day full of classic elegance, and their adoration for each other led to one sweet moment after another.

Mr. & Mrs, Skinner, I loved celebrating your love! Thank you for the honor of being a part of this stunning day! xo

Mr. & Mrs. Skinner-1017 Maryland Photographer_0995 Maryland Photographer_0993 Maryland Photographer_0996 Maryland Photographer_0997 Maryland Photographer_0998 Maryland Photographer_0994 Maryland Photographer_0992 Maryland Photographer_0989 Maryland Photographer_0990 Maryland Photographer_0988 Maryland Photographer_0986 Maryland Photographer_0987 Maryland Photographer_0982 Maryland Photographer_0980 Maryland Photographer_0985 Maryland Photographer_0978 Maryland Photographer_0977 Maryland Photographer_0976 Maryland Photographer_0975 Maryland Photographer_0974 Maryland Photographer_0973 Maryland Photographer_0970Mr. & Mrs. Skinner-1562 Maryland Photographer_0969 Maryland Photographer_0966Maryland Photographer_0967 Maryland Photographer_0965 Maryland Photographer_0963 Maryland Photographer_0962 Maryland Photographer_0961 Maryland Photographer_0971 Maryland Photographer_0984 Maryland Photographer_0981 Maryland Photographer_0959 Maryland Photographer_0960 Maryland Photographer_0958 Maryland Photographer_0957 Maryland Photographer_0956 Maryland Photographer_0953 Maryland Photographer_0955 Maryland Photographer_0950 Maryland Photographer_0954 Maryland Photographer_0949 Maryland Photographer_0951 Maryland Photographer_0948 Maryland Photographer_0947 Maryland Photographer_0952

Mr. & Mrs. Romaneo | American Visionary Arts Museum Wedding.

Casey. I have known this gorgeous woman since we were wee tots, and I have adored her just as long. The morning of her wedding, she was calm, collected and sweetly anticipating seeing her Jeremy in just a short time. Surrounded by the most special ladies in her life (and a few more childhood friends!), she was abuzz with anticipation for the amazing day ahead.

Jeremy. Though I haven’t had the pleasure of knowing him quite as I have his lovely wife, he has won me over, time and time again. His sweet, unabashed adoration for my lovely Casey speaks for itself. His gentle touch, his admiring gaze, his never-ending smile when she enters the room. His delight in her becoming his wife. Such devotion is pure and true and an honor to witness.

July 18th was warm, wonderful, and sweet. Casey and Jeremy, thank you so much for the privilege of capturing you and your families’ inspiring joy. This wedding day was one I will never forget, and treasure. I adore you both, and love you even more together! Much love!


Maryland Photographer_0929 Maryland Photographer_0939 Maryland Photographer_0942 Maryland Photographer_0941 Maryland Photographer_0940 Maryland Photographer_0899 Maryland Photographer_0900 Maryland Photographer_0901 Maryland Photographer_0943 Maryland Photographer_0944Maryland Photographer_0945 Maryland Photographer_0938 Maryland Photographer_0937 Maryland Photographer_0936 Maryland Photographer_0935 Maryland Photographer_0934 Maryland Photographer_0931 Maryland Photographer_0933 Maryland Photographer_0932 Maryland Photographer_0930 Maryland Photographer_0928 Maryland Photographer_0927 Maryland Photographer_0926 Maryland Photographer_0925 Maryland Photographer_0924 Maryland Photographer_0923 Maryland Photographer_0921 Maryland Photographer_0915 Maryland Photographer_0916 Maryland Photographer_0917 Maryland Photographer_0918Maryland Photographer_0919 Maryland Photographer_0920 Maryland Photographer_0914 Maryland Photographer_0912 Maryland Photographer_0913Maryland Photographer_0922 Maryland Photographer_0911 Maryland Photographer_0910 Maryland Photographer_0909 Maryland Photographer_0908 Maryland Photographer_0907 Maryland Photographer_0906 Maryland Photographer_0905 Maryland Photographer_0904Maryland Photographer_0946 Maryland Photographer_0903 Maryland Photographer_0902




Kristin & Saujan | A Romantic Maryland Countryside Engagement Session.

Kristin and Saujan. Two engineers. The sweetest love story. One stunning couple.

I adored every moment of this session and could not be more excited to capture their wedding celebration this October!

(Hybrid session, all film – Fuji 400H, Ilford Delta 3200 – developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.)

Maryland Photographer_0886 Maryland Photographer_0881 Maryland Photographer_0882 Maryland Photographer_0883 Maryland Photographer_0887 Maryland Photographer_0884 Maryland Photographer_0885 Maryland Photographer_0888 Maryland Photographer_0889 Maryland Photographer_0892 K&S-000082360005 K&S-000082360009 K&S-000082360007 K&S-000082360012 K&S-000082360014 K&S-000082360015 Maryland Photographer_0893 Maryland Photographer_0897 Maryland Photographer_0898 K&S-000011500002 Maryland Photographer_0890 Maryland Photographer_0895 Maryland Photographer_0891 Maryland Photographer_0894 Maryland Photographer_0896 K&S-000011500004 K&S-000011500003




Mr. & Mrs. Arisman | A Sweet and Intimate Maryland Orchard Wedding.

Deanna and Jacob.

Kind, generous, thoughtful, and Godly.

Genuine, hard-working, intentional, and joyful.

A few words that only begin to summarize these two, but hopefully convey my feelings, and those of their family and friends. While they are all of the things mentioned above, I can summarize Deanna and Jacob’s relationship with one word – service. Constantly looking to care for others and give of themselves, I have learned much from these two. As a close, mutual friend said “I would lay down my life for this couple”, I know that they would do the same for friends and strangers alike. (In fact, Jacob will be doing just that as he bravely serves this country in the Middle East next year.) I’m certain that innate goodness will carry into their marriage, making it one of the strongest and most wonderful I have had the honor of witnessing.

Mr. & Mrs. Arisman, your day was full of meaningful details, handmade touches, and the most special of guests. From start to finish, it was a beautiful pleasure and I feel so honored to have been a part of it. Much love!

Maryland Photographer_0831 Maryland Photographer_0872 Mr. & Mrs. Arisman, Blog Favorites-7826 Maryland Photographer_0875 Maryland Photographer_0874 Maryland Photographer_0866

A tractor ride to the orchard!

Maryland Photographer_0867 Maryland Photographer_0870 Maryland Photographer_0877 Maryland Photographer_0869 Maryland Photographer_0868 Maryland Photographer_0876 Maryland Photographer_0863

Vintage cars for the bridal party…

Maryland Photographer_0864 Maryland Photographer_0861

…and the bride too! (She restored this truck with her Dad!)

Maryland Photographer_0862 Maryland Photographer_0858 Maryland Photographer_0859 Maryland Photographer_0860 Maryland Photographer_0854Maryland Photographer_0855 Maryland Photographer_0856 Mr. & Mrs. Arisman, Blog Favorites-8554Mr. & Mrs. Arisman, Blog Favorites-8567Maryland Photographer_0853Mr. & Mrs. Arisman, Blog Favorites-8628Maryland Photographer_0850Maryland Photographer_0852Maryland Photographer_0847Maryland Photographer_0848Maryland Photographer_0844Maryland Photographer_0845Maryland Photographer_0846Maryland Photographer_0841Maryland Photographer_0840Maryland Photographer_0879Maryland Photographer_0880Mr. & Mrs. Arisman, Blog Favorites-7864Maryland Photographer_0873Mr. & Mrs. Arisman, Blog Favorites-7865Maryland Photographer_0836Maryland Photographer_0838Maryland Photographer_0839Maryland Photographer_0837Maryland Photographer_0830Maryland Photographer_0832Maryland Photographer_0833Maryland Photographer_0834


Talented Vendors:

Farm Table Rentals: Bob Cardwell, Rock Ridge Woodworks

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Bel Air Church of the Nazarene

Wedding Planner: De Neumann

Hair and Makeup: Forrester and Friends

Videographer: Mary Grant

Cake: Jeanette Blake

Catering: Jeanette Blake

Bridesmaid Dresses: Etsy – Renz Rags

Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Warehouse

Invitations and Calligraphy: De Neumann



Paxton, on Film.

Happy Tuesday, Friends! The summer has hit in full force, and I am loving every sticky hot day. Summer, please stay forever. :)

As my wedding season progresses, I am striving to incorporating more and more film into my work flow. The colors, the softness…swoon! Today, I’m revisiting Paxton and Matthew’s stunning Clynmalira Estate Wedding, which was featured here a few weeks ago. Dripping with elegance, it was what wedding day dreams are made of.  Of course, I couldn’t pass up shooting a roll of this gorgeous bride and stunningly historic estate. Enjoy! xo

Pax on Film-000028820004 Pax on Film-000028820009 Pax on Film-000028820008 Pax on Film-000028820001 Pax on Film-000028820007 Pax on Film-000028820010

Fuji 400H, Scanned and Processed by Richard Photo Lab.

Mr. & Mrs. Eller | An Elegant and Whimsical Erie, Pennsylvania Wedding.

Not only is their love story something out of a fairy tale (high school sweethearts!), but Angela and Patrick’s wedding was nothing short of the same. From the oodles of whimsical details, to the loving family and friends surrounding them, this day was one of the most meaningful and lovely I have had the pleasure of documenting. Though rain was predicted for the day, Angela approached her wedding with a never-wavering sense of excitement and joy – nothing unusual to those who know her well. :) The rain did fall, but, (timed perfectly!) the clouds also parted. It takes rain to appreciate meaningful moments of sun, and I think Angela put it perfect with, “Jesus and our angels must have been smiling down on us”. Cue the tears.

From each special touch (that cake!! :)), to the reception (complete with multiple choreographed dances!), I never stopped smiling for my dear friends. It may seem cliché, but these two were made for each other. Mr. & Mrs. Eller, I have never cried tears of joy as much as I did on June 27th. Your day was as perfect and special as you are, and I am so honored to have been a part of it.

Maryland Photographer_0786 Maryland Photographer_0788 Maryland Photographer_0790 Maryland Photographer_0791 Maryland Photographer_0799 Maryland Photographer_0793 Maryland Photographer_0794 Maryland Photographer_0796 Maryland Photographer_0795 Maryland Photographer_0792 Maryland Photographer_0789 Maryland Photographer_0787 Maryland Photographer_0797 Maryland Photographer_0798Mr. & Mrs. Eller-0564Maryland Photographer_0805 Maryland Photographer_0803
Maryland Photographer_0804 Maryland Photographer_0800 Maryland Photographer_0802 Maryland Photographer_0806 Maryland Photographer_0801 Maryland Photographer_0807 Maryland Photographer_0808 Maryland Photographer_0809 Maryland Photographer_0810 Maryland Photographer_0811 Maryland Photographer_0812 Maryland Photographer_0815 Maryland Photographer_0813 Maryland Photographer_0814 Maryland Photographer_0816 Maryland Photographer_0817 Maryland Photographer_0819 Mr. & Mrs. Eller, Blog Favorites-6666 Maryland Photographer_0820 Maryland Photographer_0818 Maryland Photographer_0826 Maryland Photographer_0822 Maryland Photographer_0824 Maryland Photographer_0825 Maryland Photographer_0823 Maryland Photographer_0828 Maryland Photographer_0829

Ang., so incredibly happy for you. You’ve found that Prince, my darling!! :)



Talented Vendor Team:

Gown and Bridesmaid Dresses: MoriLee by Madeline Gardner, purchased at Bridal Elegance, Erie PA

Florist: Deneen Santos, Extraordinary Weddings

Ceremony Venue: Saint George Roman Catholic Church

Reception Venue: Lawrence Park Golf Club

Wedding Planner: The Bride! :)

Hair and Makeup: Ambridge Rose Spa and Salon

DJ and/or Band: DJ Brian Shank

Videographer: Rob Gibson

Cake: Jennifer Shaffer

Catering: Lawrence Park Golf Club

Groomsmen Attire: Cuff’s Formal Wear

Peonies on Film.

Last year, I received two Peony plants for Mother’s Day. They are one of my favorite flowers, which made for a wonderful gift. Perfectly pink, fluffy, and smelling oh, so lovely!

When we planted them, I got 2 blooms, one from each. This year, a total of 5. I am sure they will continue to grow and bless me – just like my littles.

As always, film does an impeccable job preserving them.

(Fuji 400H, Developed and Scanned by: Richard Photo Lab.)



Because it’s been farrrr too long, here is my newest digital download for you to enjoy! (As always, this is for personal use only please! :)) Just click here to download, jazz up that desktop or other digital space, and enjoy!